Grandloom (6/10)
Start 21:00 / End 21:30
Grandloom is a East-German band, which started already in 1995 to spread the Stoner verb, under the influence of what it was going on in US. The trio, whose the latest album „Sunburst“ was released in the 2011, proposed an Instrumental Stoner Rock, able to warm the early comers, although the high temperature outside did already its job. Despite the length of its songs and the absence of a voice, Grandloom performed a great show and achieved to keep the audience´s attention always high, thanks to its well done songwriting, where each band component drove alternatively the different pieces: Thomas with his guitar riffs, Hans with its bass lines and Tim with its drums work. Just looking forward to listen to some new material of this interesting band.

Motorpsycho (8/10)
Start 21:55 / End 24:35
This Norwegian band from Trondheim, Motorpsycho, has become with its long and prosperous  career more than an institution in the Rock scene. This band, which took the name from a movie of the American sexploitation auteur Russ Meyer, started in 1989 and just some moths ago released its latest work “Behind The Sun”, when the band launched also their first-ever official website, Although Motorpsycho with its latest albums returned to a more traditional, guitar-based sound, it’s not to forget that we had in front of us a band able in its career to contaminate its sound, based on Progressive and Psychedelic Rock, with almost everything, mixing elements from Metal, Jazz, Post-Rock, Pop and Country.
Luckily for their fans, the band decided to delight the audience in Berlin with a wide display of their heterogeneous repertoire. The temperature and moisture of the air inside the Postbahnhof were tremendous, almost unbearable: as Motorpsycho entered the stage, holding three acoustic guitars, Bent Sæther said that it was too hot to play rock, it was better to play some calmer melodies.
And so the gig started with a set of five beautiful acoustic songs: really nice when the public has been asked to take part to some choirs, in a few cases with interesting results appreciated by the band, that seemed to be very amused on the stage. After this great incipit the crowd started screaming “Rock, rock, rock!”, and the fans got what they wanted: Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryan answered “Ok guys, this is Hell”.
The acoustic guitars left their place to electric guitars, bass and drums so loud to make the breastbone vibrate unabated. The second part of the show – the main one – showed the Rock/Metal/Psychedelic part of Motorpsycho, long elaborated suites made of various changes of rhythm and melody, alternating delicate fingerpicking parts with powerful distortions and obsessive riffs. The frequent use of keyboards made the sound full and sometimes hypnotic. Also, some of the very long solos were very similar in style to ones of the early years of Pink Floyd. After a short scenic break, the band got back on the stage for the closure of their intense show with a few more powerful songs to say goodnight after a concert lasted two hours and a half. It was already half past midnight, but no one of the public seemed to be tired or bored. Quite the opposite, I would say. Well done Motorpsycho!

Venue: Postbahnhof
Price: 24,20€ at
Setlist: Motorpsycho and here

Berlin, 22.05.2014

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