Teitur (8/10)
Start 19:30 / End 20:00
A singer and songwriter coming from Faroe Islands, Teitur has been playing around the world for several years, working with many international artists and now touring Germany with Tina Dico, a long term friend of his.
He looks pretty shy at the beginning but soon enough shows to be a talented artist and a great entertainer. He stands alone on stage but fills it just thanks to his sweet voice, the melancholic sound of his guitar, his unique flair and his remarkable self-irony.
For the first time in our lives – most likely – we get to listen to a ballad sung in the language of the Faroe Islands: the song is peaceful and nurtures us like a lullaby would do.
The best part however comes at the end, when Teitur sings a song a cappella: it seems very emotional and touching at the beginning, but then we find out that he is just being self-ironical by joking around with his image of a “loser”.
We are definitely thankful to Tina for having introduced Teitur to us and the Berlin audience.

Tina Dico (9/10)
Start 20:20 / End 22:00
There is a special bond between Tina Dico and Berlin. It just feels in the air, in the love and devotion that her fans show her and which is given in return from Tina with a concert that succeeded at the same time in being intimate but passionate, as her music.
The Danish singer and songwriter, who also lived in Berlin some time ago, chose the city to start the German tour of her new album “Whispers”, released on 25th August 2014.
On stage a cosy ensemble of three musicians – among the others, her husband Helgi Jónsson – plays along with Tina and creates different atmospheres: sometimes it seems like a group of old friends gathering around a bonfire, others like a folk group playing joyful songs somewhere in the wide American countryside. The presence of a banjo and the construction of these songs like a folk tale definitely play a key role in this.
But Tina is the queen of the stage. Her charisma and her passion just transpire through her warm voice and the symbiosis with her guitar, which emphasizes those powerful feelings and the strong quality of her lyrics, often dealing with love and in particular with its tormented side.
Like in “Drifting”, a beautiful song from the new album that gave us the creeps: just voice and guitar, without trimming, the way that Tina likes it to be.
However we are also astonished – and pleased – to hear old classics like “Sacre Coeur” presented in a new version. The tones are darker, the guitar is distorted, the trombone does its part, as if Tina’s music had lately been influenced by the gloomy and ethereal atmospheres that can be found in Icelandic music, the country where she now lives.
The audience just wants it more and calls Tina twice on stage for encore. We totally agree, ‘cause she is a really talented interpreter and her shows are a must go (and feel)!

Here a video of Tina Dico performing “Count to Ten”:

Venue: Admiralspalast
Price: from 29,70€ to 47,30€ at Koka36
Setlist: Tina Dico

Berlin, 30.10.2014

  1. Tina Dico Fan (@tinadicofan) says:

    thanx for this article – now i’m looking even more forward to seeing her gig next week in Cologne.

    One question: I’m the webmaster of the German fanpage tinadicofan.de. Do you think it’s possible to publish a few of your pictures on my website (of course with copyright-notice)?

    • vals81 says:

      Hi!! For sure! The pics quality is unfortunately very low, but if you want please feel free!! Soon we’ll published also a video, it could be interesting for you!

  2. Tina Dico Fan (@tinadicofan) says:

    Great, thank you very much!
    I’ve chose a few pics and published them here: http://tinadicofan.de/tina-dico/galerien/2014/

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