It’s just a small website about our live music addiction here in Berlin… after almost four years still live and active.

We’ll post some photos of the gigs in which we’ll take part, and some impressions about them.
Every Saturday we publish a weekly schedule about the most important upcoming music shows.

Yes, it’s right, I’m not an English native speaker at all… so please forgive me for my mistakes… I write in English to reach most people as possible out there.

  1. Zilah Music Publishing says Music is the universal language and it will reach any and all people no matter what language it’s in. As long as its good it will have the capacity to reach millions. That’s what we are about as well, Helping people reach millions.

    • Rich Jay says:

      Yes Zilah Music Publishing!! We at Etikett Radio couldn’t agree more! Having said that, not many of us speak German so we appreciate the effort put into the English blogging!

  2. justincory says:

    would love to accredit your photographer for their photos on our blog… who shot the Usnea photos?

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