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Denison Witmer (6/10)
Start 20:15 / End 20:50
An american guy with his acoustic guitar to open the gig at Frannz Club.  Mr Witmer plays intimate songs and creates a domestic atmosphere, a music suitable to be listened near a fireplace, sitting on a sofa and drinking wine. I have to say it’s not my stuff but Denison plays his guitar in a harmonious way that can enchant you. Denison is also a funny guy, he talks to his public, tells stories and makes jokes: something I always appreciate in an artist. So I wish him a lot of success!

Denison Witmer Denison Witmer Denison Witmer Denison Witmer

SEA + AIR (8/10)
Start 21:05 / End 22:20
Lights out, two shadows coming up to the stage, two matches light weakly, a blow and the concert starts while the match smoke smell spreads itself between the first lines. Nice way to start a gig indeed. They are SEA + AIR, a funny couple composed by a german guy and a greek charming girl. A really multi-instrumentalist duo: two wonderful voices playing together all the time and able to exchange all the instrument on the stage too. Both of them played guitar, drums, keyboard and cembalo. SEA + AIR’s songs are really beautiful and they are impregnated from a mediterranean flavour that give a touch of originality to their style. I think the semi-acoustic set helps this flavour to come out and take power compared to the album. SEA + AIR are a really amusing couple besides two great musicians: talking and playing with the audience (90% girls / 10% boys) is part of their show! Terrific the second part of “Do Animals Cry?”, this alone is worth the ticket price! They came out again for the encore after a long and loud public acclamation and they gave as present two new songs of the next album: one with strong mediterranean and psychedelic influence and one as a sweet minimalistic ballad: good clues to wait for another great album! The concert ended and you go back home with a smile on your face: could you ask more for 15€ ?????????
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Venue: Frannz Club
Price: 15,50 € at Koka36
Setlist: SEA + AIR

Berlin, 17.01.13