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Hamburg / O2 World / Muse + Deap Vally

Posted: December 17, 2012 by vals81 in Hamburg, O2 World, Rock
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Deap vally (6/10)
Start 19:25 / End 20:00
Nice hard Rock / Blues mix made by a girl duo composed from vocal/guitar and drums. Nothing special but the boys on the first lines enjoyed for sure the spicy view of big boobs, naked legs and cellulite. Let’s Rock baby.


Muse (7/10)
Start 20:30 / End 22:20
I’ m not that crazy fan but it’s worthwhile once to see them live. Nice light effects, inverted maya pyramid coming down and up from the ceiling, they know how to build a good futuristic scenography. The question is if this big “special effects” effort is thought to compensate some other lacks: they made their job and nothing else on stage, maybe they were a bit tired after this long tour. Lot of songs from the last album, which received a lot of criticism, different hits from the past, good mix at the end for more than 2 h music. I  appreciate the try to evolve the sound in the last album even if i listen everywhere strong echos of INXS, U2, Foo fighters, Depeche mode and Queen. Sometimes you ask yourself if you are listening a cover album! Big concert means big venue that means often the shit O2 Arena: Good sound only if you stay in a 10 m radius from the stage. I also found the volume not as loud as it should be. A dream to see them in a small club with real fan as public without The “Muse plays-I have to go-even if I listened the last song 3 years ago-but going to Muse is cool” people. Nice Rock evening indeed.

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Price: 60,30€



Hamburg, 15.12.12