Next week concerts: 7 Jan – 13 Jan

Posted: January 6, 2013 by vals81 in Berlin, Live Shows, Weekly Schedule
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9 January, Wednesday

Introducing: Young Dreams / The 1975 / The Royal Concept
What: Dream pop, Indie, Electro pop
Venue: Lido at 21.00 o’clock
Price: free with guest list at

10 January, Thursday

Persistence Tour 2013
– Hatebreed /Agnostic Front / H2O / The Acacia Strain / Neaera –
What: Hardcore, Punk metal, Metalcore
Venue: Huxley´s neue Welt at 18.30
Price: 28,00 € at Koka36

11 January, Friday

Betontod / The Other/ Null Db
What: German punk, Rock, Horror punk
Venue: SO36 at 21.00 o’clock
Price: 21,00 € at Koka36

Mushy + Black Tar Jesus + Mystical Communication Service
What: Dream pop, Electro gothic
Venue: Madame Claude at 21.00 o’clock
Price: ca. 5,00 € at the door (offer)

13 January,  Sunday

The Cavern Beatles (Tribute Band)
What: Pop, Beat, Rock
Venue: Fritz Club at 20.00 o’clock
Price: 30,00 € at Koka36

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