Next week concerts: 28 Jan – 03 Feb

Posted: January 27, 2013 by vals81 in Berlin, Live Shows, Weekly Schedule
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Monday, the 28th January

Bell X1 + Delorentos
What: Indie Rock, New Wave
Venue: Volksbühne-Grüner Salon at 21.00 o’clock
Price: 17,70 € at Koka36

The 69 Eyes + The Fright
What: Gothic rock, Hard rock, Glam rock
Venue: Postbahnhof at 21.00 o’clock
Price: 24,20 € at Koka36

Tuesday, the 29th January

Clutch + Hark
What: Stoner, Hard rock, Blues, Southern rock
Venue: Lido at 20.00 o’clock
Price: 27,95 € at Koka36

Asking Alexandria / Motionless in white / While she sleeps + others
What: Metalcore, Post hardcore, Screamo
Venue: Postbahnhof at 19.00 o’clock
Price: 29,90 € at Koka36

Dakota Suite
What: Indie rock, Alternative, Pop rock
Venue: Crystal Club at 21.00 o’clock
Price: 12,85 € at Koka36

Mark Eitzel
What: Alternative rock, Folk, Sadcore
Venue: Comet Club at 21.00 o’clock
Price: 15,50 € at Koka36

Thursday, the 31st January

(Talibam!) CANCELLED
What: Indie rock, Experimental
Venue: White Trash Fast Food at 21.00 o’clock
Price: 3,00 € ca. at the door

Friday, the 01st February

Kendrick Lamar
What: Hip hop, Rap
Venue: Huxley´s Neue Welt at 20.00 o’clock
Price: 31,10 € at Koka36

Xiu Xiu + Eugene Robinson
What: Experimental, Post punk, Art rock
Venue: Hebbel am Ufer at 20.00 o’clock
Price: 23,00 € at ReserviX

Saturday, the 02nd February

Savage Republic + Wels
What: Punk, Rock, Noise
Venue: K17 at 20.00 o’clock
Price: 13,50 € at K17 Website

Sunday, the 03d February

The Ruby Suns
What: Indie pop
Venue: Kantine Berghain at 21.00 o’clock
Price: 15,90 € at Koka36

Sunn O))) + Khyam Allami + Vasilis Sarikis
What: Drone, Doom, Experimental
Venue: Astra at 20.00 o’clock
Price: 23,96 € at Amiando

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