Berlin / Kesselhaus / Max Gazzè

Posted: March 1, 2013 by Claudia Valentini in Berlin, Indie Pop, Kesselhaus, Rock
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Max Gazzè

Max Gazzè (10/10)
Start 21:00 / End 22:50
Max was amazing. It does not matter whether he sings in front of thousands of people, or just a bunch as we were the other night, he always gives his best to his audience. He started by saying in German „ I didn’t vote for Berlusconi!“ and that was a wonderful way to break the ice with the audience, which was 99% Italian but didn’t really lack of curious Germans easily amused by his original music and character. He chose to open the concert with one of his most famous hits “Vento d’Estate“, to warm up the hearts of all the Italian longing for the sun, which seems to be disappeared from the winter sky over Berlin. Then he kept on with a very interesting playlist, containing all his famous songs (“A Cuore scalzo”, “Cara Valentina”, “Raduni Ovali”, “Curriculum Vitae”, “Il Timido Ubriaco”, “L’Uomo Più Furbo”, “Il solito Sesso”, “Mentre Dormi”, “La Favola di Adamo ed Eva”, “Annina” “Una Musica Può Fare”, and so on) but also some pearls that he revived from his first albums and the two new songs from the last one “I Tuoi Maledettissimi Impegni” and “Sotto Casa”. These two songs were repeatedly requested from the audience, and this testifies that he has many fans abroad who constantly follow his projects and works. The audience sang, danced and warmed up song after song, magnificently guided by a captivating and enchanting Max, who also managed to surprise us with improvisation at the bass and interesting new arrangements for some of the songs, accompanied by his loyal musicians: Giorgio Baldi (guitar), Clemente Ferrari (piano and keyboards) Cristiano Micalizzi (drums). The best of them was created on the basis of “La Favola di Adamo ed Eva”, which slowly acquired a reggae rhythm until it merged into a peculiar version of “Get Up, Stand Up” by Bob Marley. During this performance, Max was helped by his friend Bobo, a black guy who was invited on stage and who seemed very talented in reggae-style singing. At the end of the concert, Max and his musicians were really friendly and easy going with everybody. They signed autographs and took pictures with the fans, demonstrating modesty and simplicity. Max revealed to love Berlin very much and was very curious about the life his fans have here in Germany. Apparently, he’ll be back on September. Very good concert, very good audience, very good vibrations.
Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè Max Gazzè
Venue: Kesselhaus
Price: 14,90€ at Eventim

Berlin, 26.02.2013

  1. Nice spread of photies well done.

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