Next week concerts: 08 Apr – 14 Apr

Posted: April 7, 2013 by vals81 in Berlin, Weekly Schedule
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Monday, 08th of April

Eels + Nicoel Atkins
What: Alternative rock, Lo-fi
Venue: Tempodrom at 20:00 o’clock
Price: 28,60€ at

Hypocrisy + Essence + Hate
What: Death metal
Venue: K17 at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 22,50€ at K17 Website

Tuesday, 09th of April

…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead + Ribozyme + The Coathangers
What: Alternative rock, Indie rock
Venue: Bi Nuu at 20:00 o’clock
Price: 23,10€ at

Ash Borer + Fell Voices + Sun Worship
What: Black metal
Venue: Cassiopeia at 20:00 o’clock
Price: 9,30€ at Koka36

John Grant
What: Folk, Indie rock
Venue: Babylon at 20:00 o’clock
Price: 26,00€ at Trinity Music

Balmorhea + Old Splendifolia
What: Post-rock
Venue: Volksbühne-Grüner Salon at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 13,80€ at Koka36

Brasstronaut + The I Wonder
What: Indie rock, Jazz
Venue: Comet Club at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 13,90€ at Trinity Music

Daughter + Bear´s Den
What: Indie folk, Folk rock
Venue: Festsaal Kreuzberg at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 20,00€ at Trinity Music

Golden Void
What: Stoner, Hard rock
Venue: Jägerklause at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 12,10€ at Trinity Music

And So I Watch You From Afar + Gallops
What: Post-rock, Math rock
Venue: Lido at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 21,30€ at Koka36

Thursday, 11th of April

Silverstein + Funeral for a Friend + The Tidal Sleep
What: Post-hardcore, Emocore
Venue: Postbahnhof at 19:00 o’clock
Price: 22,50€ at Trinity Music

IAMX + Moto Boy
What: Synthpop, Alternative
Venue: Astra at 20:00 o’clock
Price: 24,00€ at Koka36

Antimatter + Vic Anselmo
What: Gothic rock, Dark ambient
Venue: TheARTer Galerie at 19:30
Price: 11,00€ at Thearter Website

Imperial State Electric + Satan Takes A Holiday
What: Garage rock, Hard rock
Venue: Magnet Club at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 23,50€ at Koka36

Konono No.1 + Sinkane
What: Afro beat, Trance music
Venue: Festsaal Kreuzberg at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 17,00€ at Koka36

The Growlers + Mozes and the Firstborn
What: Garage rock, Surf
Venue: White Trash Fast Food at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 12,20€ at Koka36

Friday, 12th of April

What: Indie folk, Brit-pop
Venue: Bi Nuu at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 18,30€ at Trinity Music

Turboweekend + Lauter Leben
What: Alternative rock, Synth pop
Venue: Postbahnhof at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 14,30€ at

Propagandhi + Shai Hulu + War on Women
What: Punk rock
Venue: SO36 at 20:00 o’clock
Price: 16,50 € at

The Sheepdogs
What: Blues rock
Venue: Roadrunners Paradise at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 16,00€ at Trinity Music

Saturday, 13th of April

A Hawk and a Hacksaw
What: Folk, Gypsy music
Venue: HBC at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 13,60€ at Koka36

Bunny Suit + This Could Be Yours + Rooftop Runners + Big Nose
What: Blues pop
Venue: Volksbühne-Grüner Salon at 20:30
Price: 5,00€ at the door
Click here to listen to its music
Sunday, 14th of April

Tocotronic + It’s A Musical
What: Indie rock
Venue: C-Halle at 20:00 o’clock
Price: 28,76€ at Trinity Music

Lordi + Tri State Corner + Reverse Grip
What: Hard rock, Glam metal
Venue: K17 at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 19,50€ at K17 Website

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