Berlin / C-Halle / Yeah Yeah Yeahs + Bosnian Rainbows

Posted: May 7, 2013 by vals81 in Alternative Rock, Berlin, Columbiahalle, Indie Rock, Post-Punk
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Bosnian Rainbows (7/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:35
Bosnian Rainbows is an Art/Experimental Rock band from El Paso. Nothing impressive so far, but it’s composed by two members (guitarist and drummer) of “The Mars Volta” (R.I.P.). Even if the mastermind of Bosnian Rainbows is Omar Rodríguez-López, during the live show the scene was completely taken by barefoot singer Teri Gender Bender, who jumped, crawled and flipped for the whole performance. Her voice is amazing, and its merging with Omar’s guitar work made the show able to impressed the audience.
Bosnian Rainbows’ music does not pertain to mainstream at all, and its proposal is not easy or catchy, but it goes directly inside you. We now just have to wait for the upcoming band’s album and hope to always have bands like this, trying to bring Rock a step forward.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs (8/10)
Start 21:00 / End 22:40
I think there’s not much to say to introduce the Yeah Yeah Yeahs: the New York trio is, with its mix of Indie Rock, Art-Rock and Post-Punk, on the hype of the worldwide music press since years. Although Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ weird musical components have slightly faded away in favor of a more mainstream sound in recent years, the band always deserves to be seen live, and the packed Columbiahalle venue was just the proof of it. Yeah Yeah Yeahs offered a live show, which will stay for a long time in the mind of the attendees: the band performed a real good mix of old hits and new songs, picke out of the brand new album “Mosquito”; Yeah Yeah Yeahs burnt down the all venue with energy. The audience madly loved frontwoman Karen, and it showed it screaming, jumping, singing and moshing along for the complete concert. Karen, dressed in a sexy red outfit, responded to the audience’s love with a crazy performance, which made worth every cent spent for the ticket. If you weren’t there, you should regret it!

Venue: C-Halle
Price: 32,05€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Berlin, 06.05.2013

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  1. niels says:

    Bosnian rainbows changed my life. Went to the YYYs concert for bosnian rainbows, and walked out a fan for life. Teri’s voice is beautiful and the band’s style is the look of the future.

  2. vonsatan says:

    Me too!

  3. Alrac Nosnaj says:

    I was kind of angry because Bosnian Rainbows only performed 30 minutes. Went there just because of them. YYY was great, too, but prefer supporters.

  4. […] from Le Butcherettes, you must fill this gap as soon as possible. Already seen some months ago as opening band for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, when Teri has almost stolen the scene to Karen O, Bosnian Rainbows is one of the top new band of […]

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