Berlin / Privatclub / Mac DeMarco + Sean Nicholas Savage

Posted: May 10, 2013 by maurobaldinelli in Berlin, Indie Rock, Post-Punk, Privatclub
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Sean Nicholas Savage (6/10)
Start 21:20 / End 22:00
Sean Nicholas Savage enters the stage to warm up the atmosphere as intro to Mac Demarco. Voice and keyboard, his sound is totally 80s style, fake-sexy and quite auto-ironic.
To give you an idea, it gave me the sensation of listening to Barry White but, instead of being baritone, it was indeed sang with a high-pitched voice. Not bad.

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Mac DeMarco (8/10)
Start 22:10 / End 23:05
He is a talent. From the beginning till the end I am captured by this young Canadian guy, which knows how to have fun, how to stay on the stage and, above all, how to play nice music.
I enjoyed this gig, I like his songs and I think that in a few years we will see him in much bigger venues.
Mac Demarco performs most of the songs of his beautiful and obviously still limited repertoire, he is always very ironic, sometimes looks totally crazy and, between a song and the other, he opens beer bottles using his teeth (I’d never do it, what the hell!). And his band is totally in tune with his spirit.
He also plays some medleys, with cover songs such Blackbird. The German fans get mad when Mac sings a few notes of Du Hast.
He constantly interacts with the public in a very friendly and funny way, making jokes and being always comfortable. At the end he is even more than friendly, when he starts kissing one of his fans and invite her to dance on the stage. Come back soon to Berlin, Mac!

Venue: Privatclub
Price: Price: 13,60€ at Koka36
Setlist: Mac DeMarco

Berlin, 09.05.2013

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