Berlin / SO36 / Sepultura + Hammercult

Posted: May 13, 2013 by vals81 in Alternative Metal, Berlin, Death Metal, SO36, Thrash Metal
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Hammercult (6/10)
Start 20:15 / End 20:55
Hammercult played a 40 min set of pure Trash Metal with the speed of a train without breaks coming down a mountain. Fuck if the band doesn’t know the meaning of the word “mid-tempo”, risking to make everything sound very similar. The show was intense, and the singer tried to turn the audience on continuously, with a good mosh pit as a result. Not that easy for an opening band.

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Sepultura (8/10)
Start 21:30 / End 22:50
Sepultura is one of those Metal bands everyone knows, even if one has never listened to a single song by the band. This is the consequence of the planetary success achieved by the most famous Brasilian band since mid-80s. Sepultura belongs to the circle of the masters of the Death and Trash Metal scene, and contributed to shape music styles such as Metalcore and Nu Metal during the ’90s. The band, in its 30 years of activity, has been through many changes that undermined its foundations, with the abandonment by the Cavaleras brothers being the peak of those events. Despite these difficulties, Sepultura has always been able to release new material with decent continuity. It is surely hard to compare the current band’s line-up with the former one, although it would be exaggerated to say that they only have the name in common. The live is a different story: Kisser doesn’t age, keeping up with his solos and riffs, the new drummer Casagrande made a great work, and the good hearthed giant Green didn’t make anyone regret the absence of Cavalera. The setlist abounded of old hits, and the audience went completely crazy, with half of the venue moshing for the whole concert. Everything was amazing and the love relationship between Sepultura and its audience is stronger than years passing by, stronger than trends and any “faux pas”. It’s just love from women and men, with an age range going from 16 to 50, singing Roots Bloody Roots on top of their lungs. It made me feel as if I were 16 years old. Long live Sepultura!

Venue: SO36
Price: 22,00€ at TixforGigs
Setlist: Sepultura

Berlin, 12.05.2013

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