Berlin / Kindl Bühne Wuhlheide / Rammstein + Kraftklub

Posted: May 25, 2013 by vals81 in Alternative Metal, Berlin, Indutrial, Kindl Bühne Wuhlheide
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Kraftklub (6/10) 3835 3952 4142
Start 19:15 / End 19:55
Kraftklub, in the role of opener, rose several doubts: the band plays a sort of German Alternative Rock, pretty distant from the Industrial Metal played by Rammstein. The flood of whistles accompanying the band coming on stage wasn’t the best of starts, and when the singer asked: “Who knows who we are?” and then “Who thinks we are shit?”, with the audience replying with:”yeaaaaahh” to both of the questions, it became extremely clear that most of the people present were not enthusiastic about this choise. Nevertheless, Kraftklub has got a couple of good catchy songs; the band played well its chance, talking and joking with the audience. I think everybody was amused for the about 40 min of Kraftklub’s performance in the end.

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Rammstein (8/10)
Start 20:45 / End 22:30
After three years trying to get a ticket for one of the double or triple Rammstein’s dates for live shows in Berlin, I finally achieved the mission this year, buying the ticket 7 months ago. It ain’t easy at all. Rammstein has sold something more than 20 millions records worldwide since the band’s beginning in Berlin in 1994; when thinking about its Industrial Metal style, this achievement becomes even more astonishing. This was the first of the two long-time sold out dates that Rammstein is playing this year at Wuhlheide, an open air amphitheater in a big park located in east-Berlin. The weather and temperature weren’t the best; however, the audience was the one of big occasions, composed of young people, a lot of families and several over-50s. Rammestein offered its famous show, made of light effects, a proper scenic design and fire effects, such as real fireworks launched to the sky, as well as fire blades shot from the guitars. A show which owes a lot to Kiss and Alice Cooper, but which Rammstein succeeded in making its own. The setlist was composed of songs from all of the band’s albums, about 3 songs from each of its works, a couple more from the album Mutter. The acoustic was pretty good, even if located on the bleachers, and all the people could enjoy the visual and acoustic performance offered by Rammstein. I hope the pictures are able to show you better what we have experienced there. If you live in Germany, you just must see Rammstein live once. It’s more than a band, more than a concert. It’s Rammstein.

Venue: Kindl Bühne Wuhlheide
Price: 80,00€ at Rammstein’s Website
Setlist: Rammstein

Berlin, 24.05.2013

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