Berlin / Waldbühne / Neil Young & Crazy Horse + Los Lobos

Posted: June 3, 2013 by maurobaldinelli in Berlin, Folk, Rock, Waldbühne
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Los Lobos (6/10)
Start 18:30 / End 19:15
Los Lobos opened the evening at Waldbühne, an amphitheater surrounded by a wood in West Berlin, built by the national-socialists in 1936, together with the impressive Olympiastadion. Los Lobos played a blues rock mixed also with some Spanish songs, which was nothing special. Nevertheless, the band reached the purpose to warm up the audience in a cold and rainy June afternoon, waiting for Neil Young.

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse (8/10)
Start 20:00 / End 22:00
I am surprised when I realize that Waldbühne, which can host up to 22.000 people, is completely full. The majority of the public is above fifty years old, I would say that the average age is closer to 60 than 50 y.o. So, I am once again surprised when, while waiting for Neil Young to enter the stage, I see that they start a ola, and this big wave goes back and forth several times (btw, I wonder why younger music lovers were not there, Neil’s music is great and the only explanation I could possibly find is that the tickets were pretty expensive).
When the atmosphere is warm enough, Neil and Crazy Horse show up and immediately start playing Neil’s legendary rock music. The sound is powerful and dirty, distorted but never too much. On the background of the stage, the image of a man riding a crazy horse, suggesting the idea of a nature not easy to tame, as Neil’s one. The setlist is a good mix of old classics and songs from Americana and Psychedelic Pill. The light effect changes later on to images projected on the background of the stage which give the impression of gigantic kaleidoscopes, continuously evolving and mixing, along with the notes bursting from the speakers. It’s impressive how the guitars seem to run independently, running to chase each other while, in fact, the result is harmonious and so rock.
Then Neil remains alone on the stage, takes an acoustic guitar and a harmonica and starts to enchant the arena with Heart of Gold. At this point, I expect him to sing My My, Hey Hey. In fact, he greets Bob Dylan playing Blowing in the Wind. After this acoustic break, again loud guitars, great music and long long solos. Of course he also plays Hey Hey, My My (but, frankly speaking, I prefer the acoustic version, i.e. My My, Hey Hey) and when Neil and Crazy Horse say goodbye at the end of this exiting gig, everyone around is conscious to have assisted to a great performance of a pure rock legend.

Venue: Waldbühne
Price: 79,80€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Berlin, 02.06.2013

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