Berlin / Waldbühne / Kiss + Five Finger Death Punch

Posted: June 13, 2013 by vals81 in Berlin, Hard Rock, Waldbühne
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Five Finger Death Punch (5/10)
Start 19:20 / End 19:40
I think it was a surprise for most of the audience to find, at a Kiss concert, a support band that plays Alternative Metal. We were lucky, because the band was on stage for less than 20 minutes, proposing a setlist composed of some thrash-oriented songs and some more catchy ones, in the “Nickelback” style. Its proposal wasn’t original at all, although it could have been worse. Respect to this band anyway, it’s not easy to play in front of more than 10.000 people; furthermore, the frontman tried to always animated the quite uninterested audience.

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Kiss (9/10)
Start 20:15 / End 22:10
Everybody knows Kiss. Even if many people have never listened to one of the band’s songs, they know Kiss, therefore it doesn’t make sense to tell you who they are. The huge Waldbühne amphitheater  arose in me some doubts, thinking maybe an indoor venue were a better place for a Kiss concert. No idea if the concert was sold out, but at about 6 p.m. there was a big amount of followers standing in line at the several entrances, and inside the first semi-circle was already almost full of sitting fans. Most of the audience wore a Kiss t-shirt and many also had face-paintings to show the attachment to this band which, for good or bad, made part of the music history in the 80s. An audience composed in majority by over 40s and families with children, young people, although present, were surely a minority. This was the German date for this band’s tour, a chance to also celebrate the band’s 40th jubilee. Two hours of a good time, something like a hard rock psycho circus, where the main word was FUN. Fire, fireworks and amusement, made possible by an old band which is still in love with its fans, and whose fans give love in return, as empathized during the performance. The setlist was composed of many old hits and some songs taken from the latest albums. But what’s important is the feeling, the attitude, the party atmosphere breathable in such an event. So fuck the people who say Kiss can’t play, or that the songs are based on only 3 chords and that Kiss should retire, and so on and so forth. Kiss rocks and if Kiss calls, Berlin answers always, because this city wants to rock and roll all night, and party every day!!

Venue: Waldbühne
Price: 66,85€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Kiss

Berlin, 12.06.2013

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