Berlin / Astra / Vampire Weekend + The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Posted: July 17, 2013 by vals81 in Alternative Rock, Astra, Berlin, Indie Pop
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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (7/10)
Start 20:30 / End 21:10
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, from Denmark, succeeded in putting the whole audience in a good mood with 40 minutes of its spacey soul & funk, waiting for the Vampire Weekend show. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour features electric organs and trumpets, which give a 70s flavour to the band’s sound. The stage was dominated by singer Mette Lindberg’s presence, which magnetized the looks of the audience making people unable to get their eyes off of the singer. The audience appreciated the band’s musical proposal, which featured some pop oriented songs along with some others with more groove, sometimes close to Stoner and Psychedelic shores. It was a good surprise, a band on which to keep an eye, especially with its upcoming album and possible following tour. They deserve it without doubts.

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Vampire Weekend (8/10)
Start 21:45 / End 23:00
Maybe due to the summer weather finally embracing Berlin, or maybe to the typical holiday time mood, Vampire Weekend’s show wasn’t sold out as many could have expected. It was moved from Tempodrom to Astra and, for the first time, the audience was clearly mostly composed of foreign people and summer tourists. The average age was around 20, and the majority of the attendees were young ladies. It’s a pity not to see older music lovers attracted by this band: its Indie Baroque Pop isn’t banal and usual at all, and presents some nice and original sparks also in the songwriting, which push the band among the most interesting groups in this music genre. A graphic design featuring static flowers, along with proper light effects, supported the quartet from New York and gave more emphasis to its music, which live acquired even more energy than its studio version, letting the people have a good time for the whole show. Acoustics seemed more than acceptable from the first row, and the atmosphere was like the one of a big summer party: singer Ezra Koenig thanked the audience often, repeating how much they love this city and how happy they are to play Astra again, sweating together this multicultural public. Although they looked like the friend of the next door, it must be said that Vampire Weekend known how to stay on stage and how to involve fans for the entire show. It should be stressed that the four members are great musicians, so that their intelligent indie pop, tropical-sound flavoured, completed the picture to create an amazing performance. In spite of the sweat and the smell of everybody leaving the venue, all the attendees probably left with the hope to see Vampire Weekend live again as soon as possible.

Venue: Astra
Price: 32,95€ at Crowdsurge
Setlist: Vampire Weekend

Berlin, 16.07.2013

  1. Guillaume says:

    I personally didn’t buy a ticket because it was planned in tempodrom and I didn’t want to see them there. When they changed the venue it was already too late. I guess I’m not the only one in this situation. And I also find the price a bit high then for a show in Astra… 37€, i never paid that much for a show there.
    But thanks for you review even thought I wished it was a bit more detailled, like what were the higlights and what was the playlist.

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