Berlin / Lido / The Soft Moon + Merchandise + Diät

Posted: August 1, 2013 by vals81 in Berlin, Dark, Lido, New Wave, Post-Punk
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Diät (6/10)
Start 21:20 / End 21:40
Diät played at home since the band comes from Berlin, although most of the members are not Germans. It played about 20 minutes of Post-Punk and New Wave, showing nothing original, but some songs had a nice groove. Working on the voice and improving the sound could work for the band to achieve even impressive results in the future.

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Merchandise (7/10)
Start 22:00 / End 22:45
Merchandise was initially scheduled to play in Berlin at the beginning of August, but that gig was cancelled and the band merged into last night’s show. Not bad seeing Merchandise and The Soft Moon for about 14€ in the same evening! There has been a big hype around Merchandise since months, exactly since some of the American press, as Pitchfork and SPIN, spent many good words about the band. Yesterday’s show could confirm the positive reviews: the band had a great sound based on an intelligent and quite original mix of Post-Punk, Noise Rock and Pop Music, all with a New Wave flavour. The songs acquire live an even better impact and emotional involvement than the studio versions, and some light effects supported the very nice show. The voice of Carson Cox is pretty peculiar and, together with David´s riffs, are the strength of this band, which was able to create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere: something like “I know the end of the world is near and we have no future, but fuck off, let´s have fun”. Merchandise was a really pleasant surprise, which is worthy to be experienced live. The only thing that felt out of place during the show was the pretty cold reaction of the audience.

The Soft Moon (7/10)
Start 23:15 / End 24:10
When The Soft Moon started playing it became clear why the band was the headliner of the evening. The venue wasn´t packed, but the number of people increased significantly when the band got on stage. Accompanied by some colored light effects and a fix white flash (sometimes also annoying), the band led by Mr. Vasquez created an impressive wall of sound, which clarified who is nowadays the legitimate heir of the 80s New Wave throne. Its mix of Post-Punk and New Wave, with a touch of Electronics, created a dark post-apocalyptic atmosphere and the audience was fully involved in the show, staring at the band on stage and dancing this modern 80s sound. The Soft Moon proposed songs from both its albums as expected, and it performed much better than the show made at Bi Nuu last year. If you are into New Wave and have posters of bands like Joy Division and Bauhaus hanging over your bed, The Soft Moon is the band to follow.

Venue: Lido
Price: 14,80€ at Koka36
Setlist: The Soft Moon

Berlin, 31.07.2013

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