Berlin / Olympiastadion / Roger Waters – The Wall live

Posted: September 5, 2013 by maurobaldinelli in Berlin, Olympiastadion, Progressive Rock, Rock
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Roger Waters (10/10 – summa cum laude)
1st part: Start 20:30 / End 21:30
2nd part: Start 21:55 / End 22:50
The Wall by Pink Floyd is one of the pillars of music history, most probably the best concept album of all times. So many words have been written to try to describe its magnificence.
Many things have already been said also about The Wall Tour, which is lasting since years now and it is still as great as the first one.
But The Wall played in Berlin, the city of the wall, is something peculiar and has a deeper meaning: Pink Floyd played it here in 1990, to celebrate the Berliner Mauer fall.
Therefore, Berliners feel it strong and have very high expectations: they will not be disappointed. The public inside the Olympiastadion is quite variegated, many people are around 50 years old.
The scenography is dominated by a giant white wall, which will be used during the whole concert as maxi canvas to display images and special effects.
As soon as Roger Waters starts his performance and the notes spread in the air, the audience enters in Pink’s World of isolation.
At first the wall is built just at the sides of the stage. But, the more Pink gets traumatized, the more he gets introspective an isolates himself from the outside world.
Pink’s traumas – due to the loss of his father in a war conflict, to a dehumanized school system, to an oppressive mother, to aggressive groupies and to the divorce with his wife – make him alienated, his fears become real: these are real bricks building the wall of isolation.
When the first part of the gig ends, the wall is complete: Roger Waters sings but it is not possible to see him, since he remains behind the wall. Several strong images are screened along with the music: a mix of scenes of war and desperation, phobias, discrimination, mass consumption society and sequences extracted from the movie The Wall. Also the light effects and the inflatable giant puppets are impressive.
After a break of about 20 minutes, the second part of the gig starts with the notes of Hey You, and Pink is still hidden behind the wall. But then he wonders if “Is there anybody out there?”. This is the start of the convulsive and struggled interior process that will lead the judge in his mind to ordain “tear down the fucking wall”.
This gig was epic, transcendent, matchless. A “must see” once in the life.

Venue: Olympiastadion
Price: from 82,30€ to 237,55€ at Koka36
Setlist: Roger Waters – The Wall

Berlin, 04.09.2013

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