Berlin / Flughafen Tempelhof / BERLIN FESTIVAL 06 Sept. 2013

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Bastille (6/10)
Start 14:30 / End 15:30
At the end Bastille received the task to open this edition of the Berlin Festival under a hot shining sun, because the show of Big Black Delta has been postponed to 15:00, due to the cancellation of Blitzkids Mvt’s performance for illness. In front of an already quite big group of people, composed for its big part of teenagers, hipsters and weird middle-age people, Bastille offered an hour of Indie Pop. Thanks to its catchy songs and strong electronic influences, he managed to create a danceable and enjoyable atmosphere. All the audience could spent a nice amusing hour under the sun, although Bastille’s Indie Pop sounds inoffensive and always as something already heard. To remember the well done cover of “Rhythm of the night”.

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Parquet Courts (7/10)
Start 16:00 / End 16:40
Finally a rock dose to this festival, brought by the American band Parquet Courts. It invented any special or new, but its Rock, which spaced between Garage, 70s and Punk, let move the head and the feet of many between the audience. Although a bit static on the stage, Parquet Courts brought a nice energy wave in the hangar. A band to follow in the future, it could bring interesting surprises.

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Bosnian Rainbows (9/10)
Start 17:00 / End 17:45
Something unique and outstanding: if you don’t know this new band of Omar Rodríguez-López from Mars Volta and Teri Gender Bender from Le Butcherettes, you must fill this gap as soon as possible. Already seen some months ago as opening band for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, when Teri has almost stolen the scene to Karen O, Bosnian Rainbows is one of the top new band of this year and its live show, captained by the charming Teri, are something peculiar, which don’t have to be missed. Its fresh and pretty original music sound, based on Alternative Rock / Art-Rock, was enhanced by the amazing guitar work of Omar and the nice voice of Teri, able both to caress and to scratch at the same time. Teri this time was a bit less possessed by the music demon than the last time Bosnian Rainbows played in Berlin, but despite that, she didn’t limit herself to jump, imitate a robot, scream, itchy and touch herself, completely adsorbed by the music flow. Great artists, great musicians, great live show. Between the highlights of the festival this year.

Villagers (7/10)
Start 18:30 / End 19:30
Villagers played its one hour show in front of real fans, which knew almost its songs and supported the band for the whole concert. Its mix of Indie Rock and Folk had a better impact, experienced live than on album. The band worked together in a proper and harmonic way, with the frontman O’Brien, who worked as catalyst of the audience attention with his particular voice and its way to act as Rock star.  Villagers has got nice songs with interesting dark lyrics, and the possibility to appreciate them live, increased the estimation for this young band.

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Pet Shop Boys (8/10)
Start 20:35 / End 22:00
Few words to say about Pet Shop Boys, one of the few band of the 80s survived with dignity until today. With its 80s Dance Pop blew away all other plastic indie electronic pop band of the current scene. The duo seemed to be really fit, offering a great show, accompanied by light effects, masked dancing people and a big widescreen with various projected images, working as a proper scenic design. Great show, even if the evaluation could be even higher, if the performance hasn’t been affected by annoying sound matters.

Blur (8/10)
Start 22:30 / End 24:00
Blur came punctually to the stage for the joy of the crowd, standing since hours before the main stage. The band captained by Damon Albarn, who made the story of the Brit-pop together with the Oasis, started offering a list of hits to its fans, which singed along every song. A fix scenic design on the stage and some light effects accompanied the Blur during its show. The focus was more on the music, although the sound was characterized by a annoying metallic timbre, which disturbed a full concert appreciation. Despite of the fact that its last album is dated 2003 and Blur has been touring since its reunion in 2008, there were any new song yesterday in the setlist, to listen in preview. It wasn’t that big problem, because Blur still knows how to emocionate its audience. Great concert, perfect to close the first day of this urban special festival.

Venue: Flughafen Tempelhof
Price: 86,90€ at TixforGigs
Setlist: Blur

Berlin, 06.09.2013

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