White Lies (7/10)
Start 17:45 / End 18:30
Under an unexpected cloudless blue sky of an earlier day of September White Lies performed on the main stage of the Berlin Festival in the afternoon. Te band surprised the audience, entering the scene with the Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s song “Relax” and starting immediately singing its most famous song “To Lose My life”, that gives even the name to its debut album. On the back a scenic design representing in grayscale the cover of their new album “Big Tv”, released about one month ago. During the concert the English band offered to the audience the possibility to appreciate new album songs as “Big Tv” or “Be your man”. Furthermore White Lies sang the new single “First Time Caller”, not forgetting the oldest hits as “Death”, which was dedicated strictly to the audience. Maybe the afternoon performance reduced the impact on the fans, not giving the right atmosphere/ ambient to the great voice of Harry McVeigh, who sang very passionately both romantic new songs and the more dark ones of their first time. After about one hour show White Lies said good-bye on the note of “Bigger than Us”, offering to the people in front of the stage once more the chance to sing along and get excited.

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Savages (8/10)
Start 18:35 / End 19:25
Savages is an English band, who publicized its first album this year and reached immediately a big hype in the international music press. Nobody can say that the band don’t deserve this success. The four skinny girls proposed a Post-Punk mixed with Noise Rock sound, which brought an amazing energy wave to the festival. Jehnny’s voice scratched the audience’s ears and was pefectly supported by the work of the full band, of which the members played at their best. The result at the end couldn’t be anything than a great performance. The audience seemed to be completely kidnapped by the Savages exhibition and an energy flow went continuously back and forward from the stage. A band composed by girls with balls, which gives its best during the live show, and of which we will hear a lot in the future.

My Bloody Valentine (9/10)
Start 20:00 / End 21:15
My Bloody Valentine was for many at the festival the real headliner of the day. The Irish band, active since the beginning of the 80s, and known for its use of distortion, pitch bending, and digital reverse reverb, disbanded in 1997 and got together after 10 years in 2007. This year My Bloody Valentine publicized its new album ” m v b” after more than 20 years, and the relative tour has brought the band in Berlin. The show was a perfect mix of visual and auditive stimulations: a big widescreen on the back with psychedelic colored geometrical forms and a wall of sound, which it’s hard to describe now. My Bloody Valentine took the energy of Savages and shift the limit to an upper level. Its fluid sound made of sweet Noise / Dream Pop exploded in all its beauty and majesty. Bilinda’s low singing contrasted with her sparkling guitars and Kevin didn’t spare himself offering a flood of edged noisy riffs. A great musicians band concurred to build an amazing show, for the joy of the audience, who could experience this sound live directly on its skin.

Klaxons (8/10)
Start 22:00 / End 23:05
While on the main stage of the festival the great Icelandic star Björk was performing, many people were in the hangar 2 waiting for Klaxons. The British Indie Rock band set up between 2005-2006 came to the stage bringing with them a stream of energy and power that didn’t go down for all the show. Jamie Reynolds wore a multicolored hooded sweatshirt and James Righton and Simon Taylor-Davies a pair of shimmering trousers. Fans got excited when Klaxons played songs of the last album “Surfing the Voice”, dancing and singing on dub-step and dance sounds. People fired up even more when the first notes of “Golden Skans” started, accompanying the band for the whole song, screaming the initial famous refrain also later when the band had to abandon the stage for technical problems. Despite this inconvenience and an unexpected damage to the Reynolds’ bass guitar, the band didn’t stop for a single moment to sing, play and excite all the audience. They jumped, danced and clapped the hands: this energy spread all over and turned the usually desolated hangar of an ex-airport into an happy place full of good feelings. The live performance of the band based in London didn’t disappoint and the chance to hear live such songs as “Echoes” deserves to be experienced. After an encore they left the stage thanking and greeting their beloved fans.

Venue: Flughafen Tempelhof
Price: 86,90€ at TixforGigs
Setlist: My Bloody Valentine

Thanks to “Sarodda” for her contribute in White Lies and Klaxons reviews.

Berlin, 07.09.2013

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