Berlin / Cassiopeia / Black Tusk + Fight Amp

Posted: October 1, 2013 by vals81 in Berlin, Cassiopeia, Hardcore Punk, Stoner
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Fight Amp (7/10)
Start 21:00 / End 21:40
Former Fight Amputation, now just Fight Amp, opened the night with 40 minutes of Sludge Metal / Metalcore, which well warmed the audience’s ears. Coming from Pennsylvania and active since 2004, Fight Amp has similarities with the Black Tusk’s sound, but it tries to get beyond the style’s limits, adding some atmospheric components, “melodic” riffs and Doom passages. This results in songs, which don’t always sound the same and let you bang your head with big pleasure.

Black Tusk (8/10)
Start 21:50 / End 22:40
Black Tusk has just released a brand new EP “Tend No Wounds” and it didn’t miss the occasion to present it live in Berlin. Black Tusk seems to love this city, since it plays here regularly each year and we can’t be anything but happy to smash our ears with its mix of Sludge Metal and Hardcore Punk. Black Tusk comes from Savannah, Georgia, as Kylesa and Baroness, and it has features which could be related to these bands, as the Stoner influences, but Black Tusk is peculiar for its load of power, speed, violence, due to its Hardcore origins. With the lights out the show was introduced by a noise sound which lasted for some minutes, until Black Tusk started to tear the venue up. Just three guys on stage,  bass, guitar and drums, but the wall of sound the band was able to create was simply amazing. Imagine something very heavy and huge, something like a tank. Image it without breaks on the top of a hill, coming down at full speed towards you. You can’t escape because you are staring at it, completely fascinated. It’s as if someone is slapping you and you smile, because you like it. The same happens when seeing Black Tusk live: you can’t react, you can just rejoice for being there, witnessing so much power, energy and positive violence coming from the stage. You can’t stop head banging with a smile till the end. I challenge anyone to not have a hurting neck today. But still with a smile on the face.

Venue: Cassiopeia
Price: 12,10€ at
Setlist: Black Tusk

Berlin, 30.09.2013

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