sleepmakeswaves (7/10)
Start 21:00 / End 21:40
sleepmakeswaves comes from Australia where it toured with 65daysofstatic in 2012. Both bands know each other since a long time, and 65daysofstatic represents without doubts a source of inspiration for sleepmakeswaves. After a quick greet as introduction, the band started its performance, making clear since the beginning that sleepmakeswaves belongs to the heavy side of Post-Rock. The band itself called its style “crescendo-core”, underlining the typical soft-loud dynamic and the power of its sound, without forgetting the melodic components. Bassist Alex Wilson on the middle of the stage, a tall man with a red beard and a compulsive way of playing, catalyzed the audience’s attention for the entire performance. The whole band offered a great show, worthy of its fame. If the listener would happen to close their eyes during a sleepmakeswaves’ performance, they could probably see the vastness of forests, deserts and oceans. Last sleepmakeswaves album is dated 2011, so we are waiting for the band to release something new soon. Stay tuned and don’t miss it.

65daysofstatic (8/10)
Start 22:10 / End 23:40
English band 65daysofstatic chose the cosy venue “Lido” to present live its brand new album “Wild Light”, in a Friday evening in Berlin. Berlin’s audience didn’t betray the band’s expectations, and gladly responded to the invitation. After only a few songs, the band showed to be perfectly fit: its Post-Rock strongly contaminated by Electronic sounded fresh and original, acquiring even more power live. A great, high-quality set, passing from more melodic and intimate moments to aggressive and powerful ones, sometimes almost sounding as Electronic dance. Impressive was the kind of sound which 65daysofstatic was able to create: all instruments sounded homogeneous, merged together as unique flow, where guitars and keyboard emerged occasionally, as if they wanted to replace the vocals. Considering what 65daysofstatic played, this band is one of the most originals, and between the few, which has something to say inside this music style.

Venue: Lido
Price: 17,10€ at Koka36
Setlist: 65daysofstatic

Berlin, 04.10.2013

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