Yuck (6/10)
Start 19:55 / End 20:25
Yuck is an English Indie Rock, which sounds like some American Rock bands of the 90s, such as Dinosaurs Jr or Sonic Youth. Yuck released its new and second album “Glow & Behold” a few days ago. After planning a solo gig in Berlin, they chose to open for the Pixies instead. Yuck’s style is nothing new, but the band does it pretty well. The band members were quite fixed on stage, as the light which didn’t change during the performance, keeping a red-yellow atmosphere. This didn’t affect the good show offered by the band, featured by interesting melancholic riffs and a nice use of parallel voices. It would be good to check again Yuck at a solo show.

Pixies (9/10)
Start 21:00 / End 22:50
Pixies is without doubts one of the top bands on the Alternative Rock scene, which contributed to influence this scene itself at the beginning of the 90s. Although known by the majority for “Where Is My Mind?”, song used in the film “Fight Club” and sang by several other bands, with a peak performance by Placebo, Pixies are really more than this. Disbanded in 1993, Pixies are together again since 2004, and it has released a fresh Ep, called just “EP1″, which received mixed critics. The line up changed recently, with the addition of bassist Kim Shattuck, who replaced founding member Kim Deal. The fame of the Pixies remained untouched, and both gigs in Berlin went problem-loss in short time sold out. The band showed from the first song that Pixies wasn’t here on holiday, and an impressive harmony between the members was clear since the beginning. Pixies were very dynamic on stage, and kept its trademark sound between Alt Rock, Psychedelia, Noise Rock, and Surf Rock. Pixies showed to be in great condition: the band played almost continuously for about 100 minutes and then took a break; the audience followed fully involved the whole concert, singing along, jumping and moshing during the more Punk-oriented songs. Pixies came back on stage for the encore to close the show with “Where is My Mind?”, letting the audience go back home with the sensation to have experienced something really special.

Venue: Huxley’s Neue Welt
Price: 47,25€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Pixies

Berlin, 08.10.2013

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