Balthazar (7/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:40
Balthazar comes from Belgium and its Pop Rock opened the show before Editors. The band proposed songs, which won’t revolutionize the concept of Pop, but with catchy riffs, a four voices singing and some ethnic influences, captured the audience’s attention. This made the wait for Editors an occasion to listen to good music and find out an interesting band, which have for sure a lot to say in the next future.

Editors (7/10)
Start 21:10 / End 23:00
With only four albums the English band has already reached a planetary success, acclaimed by the music press and by the audience with a serie of sold out concerts. The C-Halle wasn’t inferior in that, with a sold out gig and a long fans line in front of the venue already 30 minutes before the door opening. We are even sure that many fans has caught this opportunity to test live the last Editors album “The Weight of your Love”, the first after the departing of Chris Urbanowicz, an album hard criticized by the critics and with a more Pop oriented sound. The show was opened with “Sugar”, also first song of the new work, and from this album was taken even the majority of the played songs. When Editors proposed the old hits, it was easy to feel the difference with the new material, where the Dark and New Wave sounds are almost disappeared. The audience danced, sang along and jumped at every song and didn’t care at all of this change. Almost two hours of fun not only for the audience, but also for the band itself, which proposed a great show and didn’t hide its joy to play in this sold out venue.

Venue: C-Halle
Price: 23,50€ at Koka36
Setlist: Editors

Berlin, 26.10.2013

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