Berlin / Monarch / Holograms

Posted: November 7, 2013 by vals81 in Berlin, Monarch, New Wave, Post-Punk
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Holograms (7/10)
Start 21:35 / End 22:30
Holograms is a young band from Sweden, which released its second work “Forever” some months ago. Holograms has already impressed the critic and the audience with the debut album, where a Punk attitude was accompanied by New Wave sounds from a synthesizer, reminding to bands as Suicide. The small and cozy bar Monarch guested the gig and gave the chance to taste live the new songs. Maybe due to the cold wind outside or to other more famous gigs in Berlin, the venue wasn’t full but this didn’t scared Holograms. After a cold atmospheric intro played with synthesizer, the band started its sort of Post-Punk on the narrow space available on the stage, not without sounds setting problems at the beginning. After a couple of songs Holograms managed to offer a discrete sound to let the audience enjoy its cold and fast Synth-Punk. The people present in the Monarch reacted always warmly to each song and danced compulsively. Great final offered by Holograms: Filip Spetze climbed the drums set wrapped in the black Holograms flag, Anton Spetze jumped off the stage to give away his guitar in the audience, Andreas Lagerström played the bass standing on the table near the stage and Anton Strandberg went on to play drums till the end of the show, a show which could be improved in quality, but which confirmed the high potential of this young band.

Venue: Monarch
Price: 11,00€ at
Setlist: Holograms

Berlin, 06.11.2013

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