Berlin / C-Club / Ghost + The Oath

Posted: November 23, 2013 by vals81 in Berlin, C-Club, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
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The Oath (6/10)
Start 20:45/ End 21:45
The Oath is a Berlin based band, with a core composed by two ladies who are dedicated to a type of Hard Rock which reminds to 70s and 80s sonorities. The Oath is going to release its debut album next year. Being the opening act for Ghost was a great opportunity to present the band’s talent. The Oath got on stage slightly earlier than expected, and the two ladies, Johanna and Linnéa, started warming the evening up with beautiful vocals and great guitar work. They were able to give their music an epic beauty. The best result was achieved on faster tracks than mid-tempos; the complete set-list went smoothly and was enjoyable. Although that particular music style has already been exploited in terms of originality, The Oath has the possibility to retail its space in the scene.

Ghost (8/10)
Start 21:45 / End 23:05
Ghost has already acquired an admirable resonance in the Metal scene, after the two LPs released and the brand new EP produced by Dave Grohl. The Swedish masked band has managed to melt together Satanic themes with a light and melodic Heavy Metal, resulting in a sound not-so-different from some stuff of the 80s NWOBHM, and which strongly reminds of Merciful Fate. The identity of the six members is unknown as they always appear in public wearing masks: the five instrumentalists, called Nameless Ghouls, look like a mix of monks and Darth Vather, while the lead singer, called Papa Emeritus II, shows a skull-faced makeup, cardinal robes, miter and thurible…something similar to a retired German Pope. After the famous satanic ancestral litania used also by Kubrik in his work, the Ghouls came on stage alone, letting Papa Emerotus II enter solo, gaining an enthusiastic response from the audience. Just the initial combo with Infestissumam and Per Aspera Ad Inferi were worthy the price. The other songs were taken equally by both albums and also the new cover, more Hard Rock oriented, sounded smooth with all the others. Papa Emeritus played the role of main entertainer, introducing the songs and warming the audience. He continuously moved back and forth on stage, creating the effect of a real ghost coming out of the fog. The Ghouls demonstrated to be great musicians and played perfectly the part of gregariouses on the show. A show which had nothing of blasphemous, in spite of the band’s lyrics and the anti-church dress. The satanic imaginary has nothing to do with intellectual background of the Black Metal scene, but it want to be pure entertainment, as the band itself declared in some interviews. It was really a great show, which ended at the best with a highly requested encore composed by Ghuleh/Zombie Queen and Monstrance Clock. Ghost called and the Children of Berlin answered in the best way.

Venue: C-Club
Price: 24,00€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Ghost

Berlin, 22.11.2013

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