Wampire (7/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:30
Wampire is an Indie Rock American band that released its debut album “Curiosity” a few months ago. The band came punctually on stage and presented its mix of Indie and Psych Rock flavoured with some Electronic sounds to the Berlin audience. The result was quite good and the music flow captured the audience’s attention and gained its appreciation. The band even played a song in German, which increased the favor in the audience. Wampire is just at the beginning of its career, and we’ll surely hear about it in the next future.

They Might Be Giants (9/10)
Start 21:00 / End 22:55
They Might Be Giants keeps its niche in the current Alt-Rock scene, with a dedicated fan base which misses no chance to follow this peculiar American band. With more than four million records sold, the story of They Might Be Giants is not a common one: after reaching great success at the end of the 80s, supported by MTV and college radios, the band popularity was then overshadowed by the development of the Grunge movement in the 90s. Careless of the mainstream music style, They Might Be Giants has released new albums almost with no rest since 1986 every two years, until the band’s latest work “Nanobots”. The band opened its show with “You’re so high”, from its latest album, and immediately showed to be in perfect shape. John Flansburgh and Danny Weinkauf continuously jumped and run all over the stage while playing guitar and bass, Dan Miller delighted the audience with his magical touch and great solos and Marty Beller gave a solid and accurate support to the performance. On his part, John Linnell directed and ruled the show along with his pair John. The two Johns are the core of the band, and they know each other since high school. That feeling was spreading from the stage, and harmony seemed to generally pertain to the band. The result was incredible energy rising from stage and flowing towards the audience, which adsorbed it and gave it back to the band. They Might Be Giants played an amazing concert, switching from different music styles also using different instruments, such as saxophone, a small keyboard played by blowing inside it, and an accordion; this variety kept the attention of the audience high. It was a show in all its meanings: beyond the high quality of the music performance, John & John also offered a cabaret show with their stories and anecdotes, a game with the audience divided in two groups and even a mini show with puppets. Just what’s to be called a 360 degrees show. It’s not easy to describe what happened, if someone will ask for it, the simple answer will be “I can’t really explain it”, as John suggested. Just the attendees can understand the power and the magnificence of They Might Be Giants, a band which left the stage after two encores and almost two hours of humorous show. We couldn’t imagine a better ending to the final date of the band’s tour than the song “The End of the Tour”, with which the band decided to close the Berlin show. The perfect closing for this amazing concert.

Venue: Astra
Price: 29,60€ at Koka36
Setlist: They Might Be Giants

Berlin, 23.11.2013

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