Hell (7/10)
Start 19:55 / End 20:30
Hell is an 80s English cult band, which mostly lived thru tape trading until it disbanded in 1987, after the bankrupt of the label which should have released its album. Reunited in 2008, Hell released its official debut album in 2011, followed by “Curse and Chapter” released this year, both via Nuclear Blast. Hell has often been mentioned by many bands as a source of inspiration, both for its music and for its attitude on the stage. With a lyrical intro and a cloud of smoke, Hell began its theatrical performance, with all the attention focused on singer David Bower. With something similar to a thorns crown on his head and shirtless for almost the whole show, he offered a great performance with his rich vocals, which perfectly matched the NWOBHM style, enriched by Thrash and Symphonic Metal influences. He walked everywhere on stage, as if he were reciting the songs, trying to always involve the audience. Nevertheless, he only got a cold response by the attendees, with the exception of people in the first row. All the members showed a sort of corpse painting, typical of Hell since the beginning and later widely used in the Black Metal scene. The other members also showed their great quality, above all Andy Sneap who gave to the audience great solos and riffs. A great opening, which improved the already extreme quality of this Metal night in Berlin.

Carcass (8/10)
Start 20:40 / End 21:30
What can be said about Carcass, which hasn’t already been said? This seminal English band, active for ten years between 1985 and 1995, reformed in 2007, and it has been considered the “father” of Grindcore first and of Melodic Death Metal then. It released this year the new album “Surgical Steel”, 17 years after its previous one; given all this, it was impossible for every Metal fan to miss this gig in Berlin. The C-Halle was full when Carcass started its show, which induced wild headbanging among the fans. It was also possible to see some moshing in an audience, which seemed to come mainly for Amon Amarth. Carcass demonstrated its quality hasn’t lowered through the years, but increased instead: the voice of Jeff Walker, recognizable among a thousand, hypnotized the attendee’s ears, the guitar work by Bill Steer was exemplary and surgically precise exactly like in the studio versions, and the rhythmic session contributed a high standard to the performance. With a setlist which spaced among all Carcass career, accompanied with images of surgeries on the widescreens, and closed by Heartwork, Carcass donated to its fans a great concert. We hope to see it soon in Berlin with a dedicated date.
Amon Amarth (8/10)
Start 22:00 / End 23:30
The Swedish band Amon Amarth was, with no doubt, the king of the evening: the audience fully packed pushing towards the stage, a dedicated graphic design with a huge viking painting in the back, to increase the already boiling atmosphere. Introduced by a viking melody, Amon Amarth showed itself to the attendees, followed by a roar of enthusiasm. Starting with “Father of the Wolf”, the band confirmed to be in a great shape, with Johan Egg as absolute protagonist of the stage, jumping everywhere, talking and inciting fans. Fans which absolutely didn’t spare themselves, with an uninterrupted moshing action as constant support to their idols. The venue offered good acoustics, which let the audience appreciate the epic Melodic Death Metal of the band at its best. Amon Amarth presents a sound strongly based on viking mythology, which has stayed faithful to its roots since the first album in 1998. Amon Amarth proposed songs from different albums, particularly picking from the latest effort “Deceivers of the Gods”, with a powerful and homogeneous setlist, which had its peak in songs such as “War of the Gods” and “Guardians of Asgaard”. The attitude of the band on stage was also appreciable: although they achieved big success, the members didn’t lose their humility and simplicity, and it was clear to all that they still enjoyed playing for their fans. A great performance which left the audience, composed by people from about 20 to 60 years of age, completely sweaty and exhausted, but conscious to have attended something majestic.

Venue: C-Halle
Price: 32,95€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Amon Amarth / Carcass

Berlin, 27.11.2013

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