Berlin / O2 World / Placebo + Toy

Posted: November 29, 2013 by vals81 in Alternative Rock, Berlin, O2 World
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Toy (6/10)
Start / End 20:35
Already admired the last year at Magnet Club, the English band Toy is now touring Europe with the privilege to support Placebo. With a freshly released album “Join the Dots”, Toy offered a good opening set with its Indie Rock mixed with Psych Rock and Krautrock. Excellent in the instrumental parts, where Toy kidnapped the audience for psychedelic trips, the band was not completely convincing in the vocal ones. Toy did its best to warm the Berlin audience up, but such a big multi-purpose venue isn’t the best location for a band like Toy to emerge. We can better imagine them in small and smoky venues, where there’s no distance with the audience and Toy can really express itself.

Placebo (9/10)
Start 21:10 / End 22:50
Placebo is an English band active since 1994, which has achieved a planetary and well-deserved success since years. Through the years Placebo has developed its personal touch, which makes his songs instantly recognizable. The peculiar voice of Brian Molko has now become a trademark of the band; the bass guitar work made by Stefan Olsdal, co-founding member of the band with Brian, and the clean, powerful, drumming of Steve Forrest complete the figure that makes Placebo an incredible band, which has been able to change over time while staying in the range of Alternative Rock, and without selling itself to the commercial mainstream. The setlist was accurately selected, with a song choice that wasn’t at all banal. The band proposed many songs from its latest work “Loud Like Love”, which resulted well integrated with the older ones. Those old hits were sometimes re-interpreted by Placebo, making the concert unique and worthy of attendance. Proper and functional to the performance were the light effects that accompanied the show; mysterious and a bit annoying were the transparent drapes that came down from the ceiling, in the front part of the stage between the band and the audience, 2-3 times during the show; it was something that seemed more a protection for the band intimacy than a real dividing wall with the audience. The beauty of this show is hardly describable, just the attendees know what we are talking about. We hope the following photos could just give an idea to the people of what they have missed, and reinforce the concept that “one shouldn’t miss a Placebo concert for any reason”.

Venue: O2 World
Price: from 43,90€ to 58,27€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Placebo

Berlin, 28.11.2013

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