Bleed From Within (6/10)
Start 19:00 / End 19:30
Bleed From Within had the pleasure to open the last evening of this week, which was incredibly rich of high quality Death Metal gigs in Berlin, whose peaks were the concerts of Carcass and Amon Amarth a few days ago. Bleed From Within is a Scottish band that plays Deathcore. Here in Berlin, they opened for Testament some months ago, and not much seemed to have changed from then, even though the band played some songs of the upcoming album, which show a bit of style innovation. The night confirmed the good quality of the band and its songs. Singer Scott Kennedy never stopped stimulating the audience, which, after a cold response at the beginning, was then positively involved in the performance, with some people moshing, running the circle of pit and smashing themselves in walls of death.

Dying Fetus (9/10)
Start 19:50 / End 20:20
Dying Fetus is a band, as Hypocrisy, which could easily be headliner of a gig in Berlin, due to its influence and importance in the Death Metal panorama. The American band started in 1991 signing with the Relapse label, and has then achieved a prominent position in the scene: its Technical Brutal Death Metal is an annihilation machine, both on album as well as in live shows. Although John Gallagher is the only original member left, Dying Fetus hasn’t stopped releasing high quality material, always characterized by the typical structure of the band sound, made of blast beats, complex riffing, and heavy breakdowns. Dying Fetus is also appreciated for its inspiring lyrics, based on political and social issues. What Dying Fetus could create during the evening, with just three men on stage, was incredible: the power and the energy floating from the stage could not be described. The growling of Gallagher and Sean Beasly merged perfectly and could flay the ears of the attendees. The drum set of Trey Williams was as big as half of the stage and able to shoot as a machine gun with a precision out of the ordinary. The riffing and solos of Gallagher were, as well as on the albums, something peculiar, with the guitar that seemed to almost be talking. Everything was supported by a cleanness in sound that is not always obvious at Huxley’s, simple lights, and a lack of graphic design, which led the attendees to only focus on the tons of Metal that was poured onto the non-stop moshing fans. Dying Fetus confirmed to be, if it was still needed, one of the top Death Metal bands active today, and its performance made the life of the following bands hard. Dying Fetus raised the stick.

Hypocrisy (8/10)
Start 20:45 / End 21:30
Hypocrisy has already played in Berlin as headliner more than once, but this time it was not the headliner: the truth is midway between importance in the Death Metal scene and current commercial success. It was 1990 when Peter Taegtgren founded the Swedish band and started playing traditional Death Metal to then pass to a not banal Melodic Death Metal through the years, until releasing the latest album “End of Disclosure” this year via Nuclear Blast. What has always distinguished Hypocrisy among other Death Metal bands is an easily distinctive sound and not obvious but introspective lyrics, often accompanied by an atmospheric sound. The strength point of Hypocrisy is the variety of its Death Metal sound: Peter can easily change from screamed vocals to growling with perfect results, and the songs alternate between fast pieces to mid-tempos, avoiding the “all-the-same” effect. That was exactly what the band proposed in the Berlin live show. The setlist spaced picking from almost the entire Hypocrisy discography, and the latest songs merged together without sounding out of place. A great performance from a band which knows how to stay on stage and which has played together for more than 20 years now.

Heaven Shall Burn (7/10)
Start 21:50 / End 23:15
The German band Heaven Shall Burn played at home as headliner of the evening. Composed exclusively by vegetarians and vegans, Heaven Shall Burn actively fights social injustice and supports programs for environment and animals protection, such as the Sea Shepherd, of which the band even showed a promo during the show. With no doubt the majority of the audience came to see Heaven Shall Burn, and the fans showed their dedication to the band with a mosh involving half of the venue and an uninterrupted crowd surfing, which put in serious trouble the security guys who had to “collect the bodies”. Heaven Shall Burn responded with a great performance, absorbing the energy coming from the audience, and re-using it at the best. The setlist was composed by songs picked from different albums, particularly from the latest release “Veto”; all the played tracks fired the fans up without exception. Although Heaven Shall Burn is one of the top bands in Melodic Death Metal, the band suffered the comparison with the two previous band of the night, since it didn’t have neither the pure power of Dying Fetus nor the variety and the songwriting of Hypocrisy. Nevertheless, sometimes what matters is only the judgement of the audience, and for this night, with no doubt, Heaven Shall Burn was the king.

Venue: Huxley’s Neue Welt
Price: 28,20€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Heaven Shall Burn / Hypocrisy

Berlin, 29.11.2013

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