Berlin / Roter Salon / Neko Case + Rob Moir

Posted: December 2, 2013 by vals81 in Berlin, Country, Indie Rock, Roter Salon
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Rob Moir (7/10)
Start 21:15 / End 21:45
Rob Moir is a Canadian singer-songwriter, who is incessantly promoting his latest album “Place to Die”, and last night had the honor to support Neko Case. After a quick greeting, Rob started entertaining the audience with his acoustic guitar and his nice voice, able to easily catch attention due to its powerful timbre. Rob sang his stories and adventures; he spoke and involved the attendees with his amusing jokes, on the edge of cabaret. His music spanned from intimate pieces to powerful songs, always proving his good quality as singer-songwriter. An artist who deserves the support he has and, if you were there, you know what we mean.

Neko Case (8/10)
Start 22:05 / End 23:15
Neko Case has just now started touring Europe promoting her new album “The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You”, which has already received an extremely positive response from the critics, as almost every album she has released so far. The American singer-songwriter, also famous as a member of the Canadian Indie Rock band “The New Pornographers“, is now concentrating herself on her solo career, endlessly gaining growing consensus from the public and the critics. Starting her career in Punk bands of the Vancouver scene, during her studies as a drummer, Neko then embraced Country music. She added her own touch to it, influencing this music style with “noir” nuances which led her achieve a bleak and atmospheric sound. Neko, accompanied by her fabulous band composed of great musicians, came on stage with a “I’ve-just-waken-up” look but, after a few autumnal intimate pieces, she showed to be in perfect shape when she embraced the guitar for “The Tigers Have Spoken”. Although Neko Case alternated songs from different albums, the setlist was mainly composed of songs from her latest work. Her Alternative Country style, sometimes dark and moody, sometimes gloomy and late-night scented, enhanced itself at its best merged with her passionate and energetic Indie Rock. Peaks of the show were songs like “Night Still Comes”, “Man” and the conclusive “Ragtime”, where Neko and the whole band touched the peak of quality. We have just to wait until the next summer, since that is when she promised to be back to Berlin.

Venue: Roter Salon
Price: 25,90€ at Koka36
Setlist: Neko Case

Berlin, 01.12.2013

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