Hell’s Domain (6/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:30
Hell’s Domain is a Danish band, which has released its self-titled debut album in September. The band played a Bay Area-inspired Thrash Metal, which particularly reminded of Exodus. With clean vocals, a good alternation between fast and aggressive songs and mid-tempo pieces, Hell’s Domain showed to have learned the lesson from the masters well. Nevertheless, the spontaneous question is whether or not it still makes sense to play standard 80s Thrash Metal in 2013. In the end, you know, Thrash never dies!

Tristania (7/10)
Start 20:50 / End 21:30
Goth Metal band Tristania started its story in mid-90s in Norway, and it is considered one of the pioneers of the music style. Tristania is currently touring Europe as support act of Dark Tranquillity, while promoting its latest work “Darkest White”, released this year. The band has always featured, since the very beginning, three different vocalists that explore three different vocals styles and it has, through the years and several line-ups, developed a personal sound which, enriched by Symphonic Metal and Doom influences, goes beyond mere Goth Metal. In the current line-up Italian Mariangela Demurtas acts as female lyric vocalist, Anders H. Hidle as harsh vocalist and Kjetil Nordhus as male clean vocalist; their performances result in a cohesive sound, which kept the audience attention high during the show, and which was also helped by the diversified songwriting. While the band logo was projected on the widescreen, the members of Tristania came on stage at different times, with Mariangela and Kjetil, who added their vocals to the song “Number” that was already playing, as last ones. This in-and-out characterized almost the entire concert with both vocalists often leaving the stage when they were not called to sing, so that the other band members had full space on stage. This didn’t disturb the performance at all, with Mariangela and Kjetil taking the lion´s share with a great performance. The audience reacted warmly to the show, with many fans among the attendees who sang along the band songs. Although the lyrics describe dark and sentimental topics, it was possible to feel a positive energy flowing from the stage, which enhanced the performance and left the audience well satisfied after the show.

Dark Tranquillity (8/10)
Start 22:00 / End 23:30
Formed in Sweden more than 20 years ago, Dark Tranquillity has achieved,  through the years and a prolific good-quality discography, the leader status in the Melodic Death Metal scene. Among the firsts to propose this style, Dark Tranquillity has  slightly evolved through the years but always kept its personal features, which has become the trademark of the Gothenburg sound.  The band opened with “The Science Of Noise”, and offered a great performance for the whole show. Singer Michael Stanne catalysed the attention of each person  in the venue and, after all these years, seemed to still enjoy very much singing in this band for the fans. The proposed setlist spaced among many albums of the band, even with pieces from the first album Skydancer, where Stanne duetted with Mariangela of Tristania in “A Bolt of Blazing Gold” celebrating the album anniversary. The audience was completely involved since the beginning, moshing, singing along and showing its love for this band. Peaks of the night were “ThereIn” and “Misery’s Crown”, when the fans sang along and screamed of joy. The show was closed by “Lost To Apathy” after an encore, and Dark Tranquillity then sent the audience home, aware that it was worth challenging Xavier to attend this great show.

Venue: Magnet Club
Price: 23,70€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Dark Tranquillity / Tristania

Berlin, 05.12.2013

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