Berlin / Kantine Berghain / Selvhenter + Headfirst Into The Flames

Posted: December 12, 2013 by vals81 in Berlin, Jazz, Kantine Berghain, Noise Rock
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Headfirst Into The Flames (7/10)
Start 21:25 / End 22:00
Headfirst Into The Flames is the new Berlin Avant-garde Rock project of Louis Rastig and Marcel Drescher. The name of the band was inspired by the live album of Punk-Jazz band Live Exit. With just a drum-set and a synthesizer present on stage, the young duo started the performance while people were still entering the small Kantine. Both completely kidnapped by their fresh and interesting Instrumental Rock mixed with Progressive and Krautrock, the members proposed two long pieces, with Luis pulling the strings of the performance, sometimes acting as orchestral director on his synthesizers. Marcel followed him, creating furious patterns on drums. The result was a great performance, which was positively received by the attendees. Luis and Marcel are looking for additional band members to expand this project: so contact them if you’re interested!

Selvhenter (9/10)
Start 22:25 / End 23:30
Selvhenter, due to its wild live performances, is slowly becoming increasingly famous even outside the Jazz scene. The all female band from Denmark, whose members were already active in other experimental bands of the Copenhagen scene, released its debut work “Fk. B. Fricka” just a year ago with a good critic response. The band started as a trio composed by violin, saxophone and trombone, and has later added two drummers, achieving that complexity and depth that features the Experimental sound of the band. With about 30 minutes of delay, Selvhenter came on stage without violinist Maria Diekmann, but the other four ladies managed to give the attendees an amazing performance. Mixing songs from the album, with improvised pieces and new material, Selvhenter created a personal sound based on Free Jazz, Noise Rock and African rhythms. With both drummers Jaleh Negari and Anja Jacobsen creating poli-rhythmic patters at the back of the stage, Sonja LaBianca at the saxophone and Maria Berte at the trombone could have fun building melodic images with their instruments. Helped by effects and distortion pedals, both could create manipulated sounds. The audience seemed to be fully fascinated and captured by the show offered by this great band; someone danced, others only stared at the four Danish ladies giving everything of themselves, and others looked hypnotized by this mantra. A band that will make people talk about itself, which was able to offer strong emotions both on album and live. We hope Selvhenter will come back soon to Berlin with the full line-up, to let us taste its power at the maximum.

Venue: Kantine Berghain
Price: 12,50€ at Koka36

Berlin, 11.12.2013

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