Eagle Ray (6/10)
Start 21:40 / End 22:05 Eagle
Eagle Ray is the new project of Shaun Mulrooney from The Dead Skeletons, and John Jeffrey from Moon Duo. This is the first time the project is presented live. Although the sound didn’t impress for originality, the effort of trying to go away from the members’ original bands sound is appreciable. With Garage Rock flavors added to a Psychedelic base, the members gave their best, Shaun with his guitar on instrumental parts, and John playing drums and the keyboard at the same time without a flaw. They proposed three songs, which captured the attendees’ interest and raised curiosity for future plans.

Föllakzoid (8/10)
Start 22:30 / End 23:30
Föllakzoid is a Chilean band, formed when the members were about 20. They once said “the first time they jammed together they played non-stop without speaking for two hours and were seemingly over taken by a trance without any clear reference point.” After seeing them live we can believe it. Föllakzoid has a cosmic sound, direct son of the German Krautrock. Considered the real headliner of the event by many, Föllakzoid showed its value and spread its eclectic sound with traces of Punk and other Rock-oriented nuances, while embraced by a cold blue light. Bassist and singer Juan Pablo and guitarist Domingo took the lion’s share while perfectly supported by the drumming of Diego and the work of Alfredo at the synth. The sound was so powerful and exciting that the audience didn’t stop dancing for the whole set. A great young band which will make people talk about itself!

Camera (8/10)
Start 24:00 / End 01:00
Camera replaced at the last moment the French band Wall Of Death, which unfortunately cancelled the show for personal reasons. The Refraktion agency, which organized the event, did a great job getting Camera as last minute replacement. With a grayscale scenic design by the two Berlin-based artists, Elisa Beenakker and Anastasia Andrieu standing on the wall behind the stage, and which was seemingly inspired by occult nightmares, the Berlin-based band Camera came on stage. With the band extremely active in the Berlin area, Camera’s fans are increasing show after show. The show started almost one hour after the scheduled time, when many people had already gone home. After a distorted noise opened the show, Camera started playing its high quality music. Its Krautrock mixed with Psychedelic and Progressive Rock, clearly inspired from the old German legends of this music style, sounded fresh and original, and was a perfect balance of wild improvisation and specific patterns and structures, which never imprisoned the music flow. Michael Drummer was impressive; he played his minimalistic drum set , while Tim Brockmann, alternated to the guitarist, lead the pieces and created variegated and powerful sonorities, which rocked the attendees. The few people still standing in the venue were completely kidnapped by Camera’s cosmic trip, and were almost forced to dance to this sound coming from outer space. Great band, pride of Berlin!

Venue: Kantine Berghain
Price: 13,00€ at Koka36

Berlin, 17.12.2013

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