Jagged Vision (6/10)
Start 20:10 / End 20:45
Jagged Vision, from Norway, opened the evening playing a set of aggressive Hardcore Punk with Stoner flavors, recognizable in the guitar riffs. After solving some tuning problems during the first few songs, Jagged Vision offered a fair performance, where the use of double voice was a good element of variety. The frontman gave his best to involved the still-frozen audience, which eventually seemed to appreciate the attitude and the show proposed by this young Nordic band, which could bring us nice surprises in the future. Check here below its latest album if you’re curious.

Sierra (7/10)
Start 21:00 / End 21:45
Sierra, from Canada, is a trio composed of guitar, bass and drums that made the joy of the Stoner fans present in the Magnet Club. The new album “Pslip”, produced by Phillip Cope from Kylesa (guarantee of quality) was released just last summer. Its mix of Stoner and Psychedelic Rock, even Prog Rock flavoured, made the audience “travel” and handbang all the concert long. If the photos can’t explain the atmosphere of the Sierra’s performance, try to listen to its album and have an idea about how good Sierra is!

Kylesa (8/10)
Start 22:20 / End 23:20
Kylesa returned to Berlin after two years to present live its sixth album “Ultraviolet”, which received many positive reviews. The band from Savannah takes its name from the Buddhist term “kilesa mara”, which denotes delusory mental states. Savannah has developed a personal sound over the years, increasingly adding melodic Psychedelic Rock nuances to its Sludge Metal, already strongly merged with Hardcore Punk and Stoner Metal elements. The variety of its sound has been enhanced by the multiple-voice structure of the songs, on which Laura Pleasants ruled on stage, perfectly integrating her voice to Phillip Cope and his riffs. The deep bass lines of the new Chase Rudeseal perfectly supported the Sludge sound and the two drum sets, banged by Carl McGinley and Eric Hernandez, created a powerful sound, hardly describable and definitely unique in the scene. The sound was enriched in some songs by the use of the theremin, skillfully played by Phillip. The audience was well warmed by the two opening bands, and Kylesa gave the final stroke to annihilate it. “Scapegoat” opened the set and a well-made selection of songs, mainly from the last three albums, poured an incredible amount of energy onto the audience. The peak of the show was, without doubts, the central part where songs like “Tired Climb”, “Bottom Line” and ” To Forget” blew the audience minds away. Kylesa closed the unfortunately too much short concert with “Don’t look back” and “Said and Done”: if you know those songs, you already know what happened. No prisoners, my friend.

Venue: Magnet Club
Price: 18,75€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Kylesa

Berlin, 19.01.2014

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