Marta sui Tubi @Marie Antoniette, Berlin

Posted: January 20, 2014 by Claudia Valentini in Berlin, Folk, Marie Antoniette, Rock
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Marta Sui Tubi (10/10)
Start 22:00 / End 23:45
Last Thursday Marta sui Tubi played live in Berlin at the Marie Antoinette, a little nice place not far from Jannowitzbrücke. I never attended one of their concerts before, not even in Italy, and while listening to them, I was really wondering how this could have happened, since the show was incredibly powerful and energizing. Despite the stage was extremely tiny and the place could not  host more than a bunch of people, the band did not save its energy. Long concert, lots of instruments played on stage (Carmelo Pipitone’s guitar collection was huger than the stage! And Mattia Boschi skilfully played both bass and electric cello) and litres of sweat and energy shared with the audience.
Most of the played songs, such as for example “Dispari”, “Tre”, “Cristiana”, “Camerieri”, “Di vino” “Coincidenze”, “Cromatica” came from their two last albums (Cinque – La luna e le spine, 2013; Carne agli occhi, 2011), but they did not fail to please the audience with older famous hits. They also played the song they participated in the last “Festival di Sanremo” with, “Vorrei”, which ranked only third from last. The frontman, Giovanni Gulino, joked about the fact that their target goal for the Festival was to be the last in the chart, but at the last minute the “bastard” Almamegretta from Neaples stole this important result from their hands! He promised they will try again, only to succeed. This was just one of the many moments in which the singer interacted with the audience, creating a very pleasant, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The group paid also homage to their land, Sicily, by playing a dialectal poem by Peppino Impastato (a young Sicilian politician killed by mafia in 1978), that they decided to set to music. This one could may be included in their next album.
The band also performed some improvised pieces and a nice version of “Anarchy in the UK” by Sex Pistols, supported by the superlative drummer Ivan Paolini. Then, they left the stage by thanking the audience with a special GRAZIE sung a capella. They were all very humble and easy going even after the concert (Keyboarder Paolo Pischedda personally thanked each of us for being there, and I found this amazing!). To sum up, it was a wonderful concert. Their sophisticated lyrics, uncommon rhythms and masterly played music mixed to Gulino’s peculiar voice gave us total fun. Well done guys!

Venue: Marie Antoniette
Price: 10,00€ at the door
Setlist: Marta Sui Tubi

Berlin, 16.01.2014

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