Church of Misery (8/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:40
Church of Misery is the most well known Doom Metal band coming from Japan, and even one of the first Doom band born in the far-east archipelago. If the band achieved this success, it’s not due to fatality or luck at all, but to its sound, where Doom Metal and Psychedelic Rock merge together, and its completely devotion to this music cause, which makes the band genuine and impossible to don’t adore it. Church of Misery came to the stage and brought its magic, expressed on songs, which tell mainly about serial killers and mass murderer, and on the charisma of the frontman Hideki Fukasawa. Hideki gave a great performance with his voice, which reminded to the Phil Anselmo’s one, and danced as possessed for the whole show. The other band members, with the great riffs and solos of Ikuma Kawabe, the machine work at the drums of Junji Narita and the bass lines coming from Tatsu Mikami, with the bass played almost between the legs, acted together to offer an amazing show. A performance able to involve and warm the frozen audience, which challenged the snow and the under zero temperature to come to the show.

Monster Magnet (8/10)
Start 21:20 / End 22:50
Monster Magnet, with a long career started in 1989, could be listed without any doubts among the Gods of Stoner Rock. In last October the American band released its new album “Last Patrol” and this has given the opportunity to come to Europe after many years, to present live its latest album. Almost the complete “Last Patrol” has been played live before the Berlin audience. Although this latest album is a bit more Rock-oriented and released just since some months ago, Dave Wyndorf managed to involve and fire up the attendees, showing a really good form and verve. Dave was the catalyst for the audience’s attention, he was just the spirit of Monster Magnet itself, accompanied by great musicians, definitely worthy to belong to this band. The climax was reached with the encore, when Monster Magnet proposed four old hits, among them “Dopes to Infinity” and “Look to your Orb for the Warning”. On these last twenty minutes it was possible to taste the great mix of Stoner Rock, Space Rock and 70s Heavy Rock, which made the band a legend. Songs able to infiltrate inside you, let lift your arms up towards the sky and  force you to handbang and sing along. Something you want always more and more.

Venue: Huxley’s Neue Welt
Price: 31,05€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Monster Magnet

Berlin, 27.01.2014

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