What Poker Players Should Know About The 2014 CTM Festival

Posted: January 28, 2014 by vals81 in Avantgarde, Berlin, Electronic


Find out what this extraordinary musical event is all about.

Berlin is the centre of global experimental art and music. To pay tribute to the city’s part in promoting the avant-garde, art fanatics, poker players and audiophiles get together at the CTM Festival which is held once a year to celebrate. From the last days of January to the start of February, this major event showcases joint live performances and experimental concerts at famous venues around Berlin. If you would like to meet people who are versed in the arts or are poker enthusiasts, this will be a great place to start.
This year, CTM is proud to bring its popular music festival to the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in honour of its 15th anniversary. The evening will present Robert Henke, the frequent CTM collaborator who is recognised for his work in Monolake. Henke will end the celebration with Lumiere, a German laser and sound show that displays various images such as the suits in poker cards or the symbols in poker chips. This will be a treat for spectators because it explores the divergence and synchronicity of darkness, light, sudden rushes of noise and motion.
Phill Niblock is an 80-year old American minimalist composer who has been participating in multimedia works of art since the 1960’s. He is often linked with other minimalist artists like Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Terry Riley and La Monte Young, although he has ventured further to expand his horizons. Niblock will perform with Zinc and Copper Works (a brass ensemble), giving music fans new compositions that have not been heard in Berlin yet. There will be many poker enthusiasts in the crowd who are hoping to see and meet poker celebrities like Betfair ambassadors Nikita Pronin and Andrey Bidnyuk.
Another experimental artist that is set to steal the show is Finnish scientist, designer and composer Erkki Kurenniemi. He combined his technical and artistic expertise to build digital synthesizers for electronic music, and combines them with short films for a completely different experience. While his means of expression seem unorthodox, he manages to blend these elements similar to a poker dealer who would shuffle a deck of cards.
The 2014 CTM Festival will run from January 24 to February 2. Other artists expected to perform in the event include Mouse on Mars, Wolfgang Seidel, Eleh, and Charles Matthes. This is one art, music and poker event in Berlin that everyone should experience.


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