mogwai tempodrom 4 by katja avant-hard

Forest Swords (7/10)
Start 19:50 / End 20:30
Forest Swords were the two English guys – mellow, but pleasant. Their video installation was minimalistic, but powerful, even hypnotizing at times. The crowd was patiently enjoying the mix of old and new material, someone was even actively dancing.

Mogwai (8/10)
Start 21:05 / End 22:20
Mogwai has always been one of my favorite bands, and I have seen them live twice before in London. These guys simply tear you apart with their dynamics and focused, rather short for post-rock, tracks. Tempodrom show was a bit different from the others, it felt less rocky and less guitar based. The setlist was only about 50% new material, which as Burry Burns said is their “happiest record”; yet the whole concert was more cheerful and optimistic. Even their new album cover, “Rave Tapes”, speaks for the album itself – it’s rather Kraftwerky, the perfect lines, the pink tones and the new font. The content has more synthesizers than any previous album; the tunes are less rough and less intense, yet in a strange way remind of their very old material. Mogwai opened the show with the first track from the new record, “Heard About You Last Night”, which is more like a lullaby, and then rapidly shook us up with “Rano Pano” and “Master Card”. The old, noisy “Ex-cowboy” in comparison to “The Lord is out of Control” is like an explosive in the ocean, yet the new track reminds me of the good old “Hunted by Freak”, which they also played towards the end. And I must admit “Remurdered” sounds extremely good live, probably the most non-Mogwai track, yet very vivacious and radiant. And I think it helps that Berlin audience is rather electronic-techno-oriented, they seemed to enjoy it from the inside out.
I often watch the faces in the darkness, I enjoy seeing people in bliss; with their eyes closed and wet foreheads they move in the darkness. If you see no such faces, the band has failed. Last night I saw them through the entire show.
As an old fan, I knew encore would not let us down. “AutoRock”, “I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead” and “BatCat”; with the second being one of my favorites the closing track totally, just like in London, tore us apart. I am still deaf on one ear. The party was wrapped up with the after-party at Das gift, which belongs to Burry Burns and his wife.

Venue: Tempodrom
Price: 31,30€ at TixforGigs
Setlist: Mogwai

Berlin, 06.02.2014

@Foto and report gently provided by Katja of Avant-Hard
(Katja designed even a tour poster for Mogwai, which been selected for a print in Hamburg)

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