His Clancyness (7/10)
Start 20:15 / End 20:45
His Clancyness is a Dream Pop band from Italy with Jonathan Clancy as frontman, also active with the band “A Class Education“. Born as solo project, His Clancyness has developed during the years in a real band, that released a new album “Vicious” just the last October.
As the Italian band started, the Huxley’s was already quite full, despite of the expensive ticket price (35,00€ at the ticket box), which have maybe scared many young guys, since most of the attendees was relatively older. After a comprehensible initial coldness from the audience, His Clancyness persuaded the attendees of its music quality with a very good mix of Indie Pop and Lo-fi, where the guitars riffs merged perfectly together with the keyboard textures. The show ended with a Psychedelic final, that caused an enthusiastic applause of the audience, while the band was leaving the stage. Half-hour of high quality music, that delighted the waiting for Maximo Park.

Maximo Park (8/10)
Start 21:15 / End 22:40
The English band Maximo Park can be counted without any doubt within the top bands of the Alternative Rock scene. Formed in 2000 in Newcastle, Maximo Park took the name from a meeting place in Cuba for communists and with catchy songs inspired by Post-Punk and  New Wave, has achieved with five released albums, to reach a deserved success, also confirmed by very good critic responses. Just some weeks ago the latest album “Too Much Information” has been released and the band is now touring Europe, promoting its last music effort. When Paul Smith & Co. came to the stage the venue exploded and start to dance on the note of “Give, Get, Take”. Songs of the new album, more intimate and Electronic oriented than the other ones but with a more mature songwriting, matched perfectly with old songs and well-known hits. Switching alternatively between pieces with a bittersweet taste to other ones more energetic, Maximo Park made move the ass of every attendee. The peak was touched with songs as “Books From Boxes”, “Apply Some Pressure” and “Girls Who Play Guitar”. Supported by a band of great musicians, Smith was the real protagonist on the stage: dancing, jumping and trying to communicate with the people in German, he won the attention and the consensus of the audience. Maximo Park wasn’t a surprise for the ones who have already seen it live, and the new ones will now never miss a show!

Venue: Huxley’s Neue Welt
Price: 33,70€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Maximo Park

Berlin, 13.02.2014

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