Helmut & Friends @Kultstätte Ke//er, Berlin

Posted: February 15, 2014 by dothob in Berlin, Electronic, Indie Pop, Kultstätte Ke//er
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Angy Lord (6/10)
Start 22:45 / End 23:30
“I’m the only woman to perform witchcraft tonight”
Witchcraft would probably have helped to get rid of the technical problems that plagued Angy Lord’s set.I hope she takes it as a compliment, that her performance reminded me a bit of Soap&Skin. She played for about 40 minutes and had some good songs.  The audience appeared quite impolite because it kept on talking very loud which unnerved Angy Lord and especially a girl in the front row. I later heard that the music could only be barely heard in the last 2/3rds of the room though. It nevertheless got better when Helmut entered the stage.

Helmut (8/10)
Start 23:45 / End 24:45
“I like it when it’s perfect”
and he’s perfectly charming in dealing with some imperfections. This was a very pleasing set with some old songs from his ep and other new songs from his album “Polymono” that has its release today. It does not get boring to watch him building up quite orchestral sounding songs layer by layer with his guitar, click sounds and the looping machine and the songs are definitely good in their own right.

Venue: Kultstätte Ke//er
Price: 11,50€ at Koka36

Berlin, 13.02.2014

Here high format pics of the show, gently provided by Lostfunzone.

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