Lilies On Mars (7/10)
Start 20:15 / End 20:45
Lilies On Mars had the pleasure to open the evening at Bi Nuu, starting in front of a bounce of people. The band, now resident in London, is composed by two Italian girls, Lisa Masia and Marina Cristofalo, and some other friends. The latest album “Dot To Dot”, released in 2014 under Saint Marie Records, features Valentina Magaletti as drummer: the same Valentina, who plays drums even with Fanfarlo, after Amos Memon left the band. On the stage came but just Lisa and Marina to propose its Dream Pop and Shoegaze mix, enriched by the sound of old organs and synthesizer, which resulted in a quite interesting retro-futurist sound. Although the audience responded a bit coldly at the beginning, maybe because the Lilies On Mars´sound is not so catchy and easy a the first listening, the reaction was enthusiastic after the last song, where Valentina joined at the drums and Cathy of Fanfarlo on the bass guitar. This great final left in many attendees the regret to have more pieces with the full band on stage. We hope this regret could be cancelled soon with another show of Lilies On Mars in Berlin.

Fanfarlo (8/10)
Start 21:10 / End 22:30
Fanfarlo can be counted after three albums between the most fresh Indie bands, that England has given us in the latest years. Taking the name from a Baudelaire’s novella, Fanfarlo started playing in 2006 and just some weeks ago has released its latest work “Let’s Go Extinct” and now is touring between different European venues to present it live in front of its fans. Walking through cold blue lights, Fanfarlo came to the stage and started with the famous hit “Ghosts” from Reservoir, which featured also in an old episode of Grey’s Anatomy. The band showed from the beginning a great form and a cohesive sound, even if its style slightly evolved through the years: from the initial Indie Folk, full of trumpet, violin and acoustic guitars, till the well made mix of Synth-New Wave and Rock of today. The themes treated in the latest albums, as the exploration into the concept of human nature with a futuristic outlook of culture and science, influenced the sound, where the keyboards have a more predominant role. Despite of this variety of styles, the sound kept a magic harmony for the whole show, thanks even to the quality of this band composed by impressive multi-instrumentalists: it’s always a pleasure to admire the grace of Cathy playing violin, the energy coming out from the trumpet of Leon, or the magic during the duets between Leon and Simon with saxophone. The setlist presented 4-5 pieces of the  latest album and didn’t forget any hit of the other ones for the joy of the audience, that danced and showed to really appreciate it. A band that is collecting, with its live shows and the quality of its works, always more estimators between critics and listeners. Fanfarlo is just a great band, able to delight you with its melody and songwriting as few out there.

Venue: Bi Nuu
Price: 18,30€ at Koka36
Setlist: Fanfarlo

Berlin, 27.02.2014

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