Paolo Nutini @Postbahnhof, Berlin

Posted: March 4, 2014 by nicoamata in Berlin, Blues, Folk, Postbahnhof
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Paolo Nutini (9/10)
Start 21:15 / End 22:45
After London, Berlin is the next city to host Paolo Nutini for the presentation of his brand new album “Caustic Love”, which will be released on April 11th 2014. The venue chosen for the gig, Postbahnhof – a former railway post office near Ostbahnhof  – proves to be a great match for Paolo’s sold out show: the mood and the size of the location are just right.
So far Paolo’s musical path has been everything but predictable, starting with Pop and then moving to Folk with his next album “Sunny side up”, almost anticipating the new Folk wave led by groups such as Mumford & Sons. That increases the curiosity towards the new songs: what are we going to listen in a few minutes?
The show finally begins. Despite his young age, Paolo Nutini is an incredibly experienced and passionate performer, thanks to his numerous live appearances. He is totally confident with the stage, jokes with the audience and conveys a real passion for what he does: when he sings, he puts his heart and soul in it and that is what thrills the audience, even when listening to the new songs.
There are still some traces of Folk in “Caustic Love” but here Paolo seems to give more voice to his “black” soul, exploring the musical territories of Rhythm’n’Blues and Soul. This matches greatly his warm and enveloping voice, thus creating even a bigger astonishment when in “Diana” we hear him sing in falsetto.
The new material is interesting but the audience wants some of the “old” stuff, so Paolo starts to play songs from the previous cds, but most of them are rearranged. Contrary to all expectations, “10/10” originally ska, turns into a slow acoustic song, while Paolo Nutini emphasizes the lyrics “Some people wanna speed it up  / In fact I want to slow it down”, almost answering to a guy in the crowd who had shout “We wanna dance!”. The audience is surprised and totally amused.
“Coming up easy” is an explosion of joy and enthusiasm, just as much as “Candy” the last song of the encore. Paolo Nutini thanks the audience and goes out, while the crowd goes on acclaiming him, still hoping that he would come on stage even long after the lights are on again. A sign of well-deserved appreciation and recognition of a talented artist.
Price: 29,50€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Paolo Nutini
Berlin, 03.03.2014
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