Lilacs & Champagne (8/10)
Start 20:40 / End 21:15
Born as side project of Alex Hall and Emil Amos, founding members of Grails, Lilacs & Champagne has released in 2013 its second work “Danish & Blue”, well received by the critic and inspired by Scandinavian porn films and late-’60s cult films (same sort of inspiration/tribute can be found even in the album “Deep Politics” of Grails, referred to 70s Italian film and occult music). Alex and Emil came on the stage, accompanied by some other Grails member and started to surprise the audience with its instrumental music, where Rock, Electronic and Fusion merged together in a sound flow, able to involve and excite the audience. The band achieved to create multiple layers, where an Akai MPC sampler harmonized with the other live instruments. Worth of mentioned was the work at the keyboards and at the drums: they could give structure and soul to the songs, resulting in an impressive opening show, that just few of the attendees could ever expected.

Grails (9/10)
Start 21:35 / End 22:40
Although the last studio album of Grails, “Deep Politics” under the label Temporary Residence Limited, is dated 2011, the American band Grails is now touring in Europe, giving to the Berlin fans the chance to appreciate its music live. Born in 1999 as a project, which was never meant for live appearances, Grails was able to enchant the people present at Comet Club. Composed by great multi-instrumentalists, that are even busy with several other music projects (Holy Sons, OM and Lilacs & Champagne itself, just for example), Grails could express live at the best its sound, which is hardly classifiable: the band could easily move from loud and aggressive songs to evocative and dynamic pieces, mixing together Prog Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Soundtrack Music and some passages of Jazz. The result was a dissonant and positively disturbing sound, with a strong experimental component that made the instrumental music of Grails unique. Even if most of the members changed instrument and place on the stage at almost every song, the quality of the show wasn’t affected and this could even increase the variety of the performance.
The audience seemed to be kidnapped by the sound of Grails for the whole concert and didn’t miss any time to show its appreciation to the band. After an encore of two songs, the fans tried for several minutes to make Grails come again to the stage: even if this try wasn’t successful, each attendee left the venue satisfied, aware that there’s not so many band out there as Grails, composed by great musicians  able to write great emotional songs.

Venue: Comet Club
Price: 13,90€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Grails

Berlin, 07.03.2014

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