Pauline Andrès @Auster Club, Berlin

Posted: March 9, 2014 by nicoamata in Auster Club, Berlin, Blues, Country
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Pauline Andrès (7/10)
Start:22:00 / End:23:30
It is not easy to find the venue of Pauline Andrès concert. The Auster Club is almost hidden behind the door of Markthalle restaurant, in Kreuzberg. When we get in, we are welcomed by the cozy and intimate atmosphere, thanks also to the reddish lights that help warm up the location.
After some time, the French singer comes on stage, embraces her guitar, sits on a stool and starts to play the songs from her EP “Fuck you French girl”. Her voice is warm and beautiful and has something dark in it, but that is just what makes it fascinating, almost reminding of a younger version of the great PJ Harvey.
Such melancholic and dark shades will be pervading the whole performance, through the stories told by Pauline in her lyrics. She sings about women, memories, violence, but also about herself, her experiences in Berlin – where she moved in 2012 – and her ups and downs as a newcomer.
Despite Pauline European roots, her musical path moves definitely towards the USA. Her sound is strongly influenced by Country music, dark Folk and even Blues, as the presence of slide guitars, one harmonica and even a dobro – a resonator guitar traditionally played by bluegrass musicians – in her band confirms.
The song “She” also features a strong presence of the percussions, making the sound become even darker but increasing at the same time the fascination of such gloomy atmospheres and shaking off the laziness of the typical country tunes.
We forget that we are in Berlin right now and picture ourselves drinking whisky in some lonesome bar lost in the wide American countryside. Yet, these are “songs to drink liquor to”, that is how Pauline likes to define her music. And we can’t think of a better image to do that.
Price: 10,00€ at the door
Berlin, 07.03.2014
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