Grimoon @Dunkerclub, Berlin

Posted: March 18, 2014 by Francesca Sai in Alternative Rock, Berlin, Dunkerclub, Folk
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Grimoon (8/10)
Start 23:15 / End 00:30
It was a brilliant show the other night at the Dunkerclub in Berlin: on the small stage were 6 people, all pressed on it with all their many instruments: two guitars, a drum, a trumpet, a keyboard or two, a bass, a synthesizer… This Italian-French band plays an alternative rock music sometimes melancholic and sometimes strong, sometimes dark and sometimes playful, but always dreamy. The texts of the songs are mostly in French, some in Italian and they are not just well sung, but also well interpreted by the two singers.
The beautiful music of Grimoon it’s made of many different sounds and of a dreamy atmosphere, conveyed also by  the marvelous dreamlike music videos that are made by the two singers and projected during the live performances. Those videos, most of them probably created with the stop-motion technique, using a great variety of materials and inventions (as puppets, sand, paper, plastiline cats and walking cutlery), complete the music  and show a full imaginary of an artistic background for a project which is not just music, but a complete artistic experience. They deserve a bigger stage!

Venue: Dunkerclub
Price: free entrance

Berlin, 13.03.2014

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