Volcano (6/10)
Start 21:00 / End 21:35
The Berlin band Volcano has been called to open the evening at Magnet. With the help of a charismatic frontman as Steven Mogin to capture the attention of the few early comers, Volcano could proposed its music inspired to Hard Rock, Doom and Gothic Metal, something which could remind to the sound of bands as Type O Negative / A Pale Horse Named Death. Particularly interesting the proposed new songs of the upcoming Ep: a good songwriting which combined at its best the power and the melancholy of the Volcanos sound. If Volcano keep this way, we’ll see them soon between the masters of this genre.

Here some videos of the show, gently provided by Liborio.TV:

Corrosion Of Conformity (8/10)
Start 22:00 / End 23:05
Corrosion Of Conformity is now touring Europe while the fans are waiting for the new album, which should be released this year. Time has come for new stuff after the Ep “Megalodon” and the eponymous “Corrosion of Conformity”, on Candlelight Records in 2012. Still orphan of Pepper Keenan, who is currently active with the band “Down” and didn’t rejoin the band in 2010 after the hiatus decided in 2006 (although he’s not official left COC), Corrosion Of Conformity came to the stage in three as the “Animosity” formation, for the joy of all the lovers of its sound based on a well done mix of Southern Rock and Hardcore Punk. After the early years at the beginning of the 80s, where the American band was between the first Metal-Punk bands, the Hardcore Punk influences have now reappeared stronger and fine merged with Hard Rock from the reunion in 2010 without Pepper, and was possible to appreciate them during the too short but intense show. Never mind if the venue Magnet was as usually under the acoustic quality standard, because Corrosion of Conformity tore it down as well: Mike Dean jumped as a possessed with his hysteric bass, Reed Mullin played drums as a death machine and Woody Weatherman let his electrical guitar express with riffs and solos the most southern sound of the South. Even if the audience unfortunately didn’t fill the venue, it supported the band at its best, and danced, as far as it’s possible to dance with COC songs. Most part of the setlist was composed by pieces taken from the album “Corrosion of Conformity” and “Animosity”, and songs as “Deliverance” and “Technocracy” were between the highlights of the evening, with the audience simply gone crazy.
These three guys have still a lot to offer and they didn’t suffer the absence of Pepper, who can remain where he is. We just count the days before the release of the next album, after that, we all hope Corrosion of Conformity will visit us again, bringing its crazy “Southern Punk” to Berlin.

Here some videos of the show, gently provided by Liborio.TV:

Venue: Magnet Club
Price:  16,50€ at
Setlist: Corrosion Of Conformity

Berlin, 23.03.2014

  1. sunny says:

    very nice review and sweet videos!

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