Ira May (7/10)
Start 21:00 / End 21:40
If you hear her sing, you wouldn’t believe that Ira May actually comes from Switzerland. That her “black” voice has been compared to Amy Winehouse however comes as no surprise: as soon as she starts to sing, we can’t help but recall the British singer.
She has a beautiful warm voice with black tunes that suit perfectly the genres that she interprets, i.e. Soul and R’n’B. In Switzerland she is gaining more and more popularity thanks to her new single “Lonely” from her debut album “The Spell”, now ranking in Swiss hit parades and iTunes music charts.
She has a powerful voice and a good potential that can be developed through a more challenging songwriting.
Her music is pleasant and entertaining and works as a good warm up for Nick Waterhouse concert.

Nick Waterhouse (9/10)
Start 22:00 / End 23:30
Picture a lazy Sunday afternoon in Summer, after swimming. It’s almost sunset, but the sun is still pretty warm and the light starts to slowly turn red and suffused. This is the feeling that I am left with after Nick Waterhouse’s great live performance.
With the release of his second album “Holly” – out on 4th March – and his European tour, Nick Waterhouse is gaining more and more appreciation both from the audience and the critics. His music, just like his look, is strongly inspired by the atmospheres of the 50’s and the 60’s, by Rock’n’Roll, Soul and Blues and even echoes of surf music. He plays a 1963 electric Martin and uses ’60s Ampeg and MegaTone amps, “but not because they’re old – as he states – It’s because they sound better”. The presence of an Hammond keyboard in his ensemble of musicians confirms the strong 60’s feeling in his musical world.
However his music does not sound old-fashioned nor predictable: to our surprise, he even moves Souther enriching his songs with warm Latin moods and rhythms, such as in “Holly” and “Sleeping Pills”.
The 28 year old Californian singer and songwriter is not only an excellent guitarist but also a talented performer. During the concert he slowly lets go of his concerns about the guitar -which seems not to be at its best – and finally gets into the music and the performance. Nick’s voice shows a grit that was hidden at the beginning and his personality comes out with an outburst of energy through the intense and expressive dialogues with his guitar. Song after song we discover and appreciate his discreet, almost polite, charm.
It’s a pure joy for our ears. But the credit for it goes also to the talented musicians (two saxophonists, two percussionists, a bassist, a keyboard player and a backup singer) who play in Nick Waterhouse’s band and to their great harmonization.
The audience at the C-Club is enthusiastic and acclaims Nick to go back on stage once again after his first encore. He then shows up and plays some more songs for us. He seems to love Berlin, as much as Berlin shows to love him. From the very beginning, when the slow sensual syncopated rhythms of the opening song “High Tiding” open the door and lead us into Waterhouse fascinating world.

Venue: C-Club
Price: 21,90€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Nick Waterhouse

Berlin, 03.04.2014

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