Poised (6/10)
Start 21:00 / End 21:30
Poised is a Berlin-based band, that opened the evening as local support.  Active since 2010, Poised showed to be fit on stage and warmed neck and feet of the early comers. A half-hour of Thrash Metal, with some songs more influenced by Melodic Metalcore and others reminding to the sound of “Pantera”, which seemed to make the audience satisfied. Really interesting the insertion of technical hysteric solos; to be reviewed the use of the clean vocals, that sometimes affected the intense groove of the songs.

Iron Walrus (8/10)
Start 21:40 / End 22:10
Iron Walrus is a German band, born in 2013, which is going to release its debut album “Insidious Black Sea” in the next week. The band came to the stage in the darkness, accompanied by a famous malefic litany, and when they appeared on stage, the surprised ones between the attendees weren’t few. Four walrus-masked guys and a frontman presented themselves with an impressive wall of sound, which let the people with open mouth. A not easy classifiable sound based on Sludge, Doom and Post-Metal, with a cavernous voice able to vibrate until the stomach. Iron Walrus sound was fresh, powerful and kept high the attention of the audience. Without doubts a band that could be easily the next big thing and deserves to have the eyes kept on it!

Crowbar (9/10)
Start 22:45 / End 23:55
For the joy of the fans, Crowbar has finally scheduled the release of the new album “Simmetry in Black” at the end of this May, and now is touring Europe, under the organization of the agency MAD Tourbooking, that placed the Berlin data at the historical venue SO36. Whit Jeff Golden on bass guitar, who replaced Pat Bruders at the end of the last year, when he decided to concentrate himself on the other band “Down”, Crowbar demonstrated again, that the most influential New Orleans band, active since the end of the 80s, has still something to say and won’t give up its command scepter that easily. When Crowbar is on the stage, you have just to take notes about the meaning of Sludge Metal, Doom and their merge with Hardcore Punk. Between the first bands ever to mix together these music genres, the proposed songs, picked up from its long career, had all in common that slowness, low-tuning, heaviness mixed to fast Hardcore passages, that let you recognize a Crowbars riff in two seconds and still influence today tons of bands out here.
The audience moshed wildly for most of the song and Crowbars didn’t spare themselves, offering a visceral and intense performance and all most famous songs of the past. Kirk Windstein is the soul of Crowbar and it was amazing to admire him on stage, playing and having fun with the audience and the other band members, which weren’t inferiors at all. Just come to the stage, Kirk looked at the audience and said: “We’re gonna kick your ass”. Last true words ever.

Venue: SO36
Price: 17,60€ at
Setlist: Crowbar

Berlin, 04.04.2014

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