Inter Arma (8/10)
Start 20:30 / End 21:20
Inter Arma comes from Virginia, US, and belongs to the most interesting bands in the Extreme Metal Scene. With a new album “Sky Burial” for Relapse Records out about one year ago, Inter Arma has the chance now, accompanying the brothers Indian in Europe, to spread live its evil sound even among the European fans. “Inter arma enim silent leges” is a Latin phrase meaning “For among [times of] arms, the laws fall mute,” that could be commonly rended as “In times of war, the law falls silent.” We don’t know if this is the origin of the band name, but works perfectly to give an idea about the feelings and the mood of the Inter Arma sound. Come to the stage silently, while the few early comers started to get closer to the stage, Inter Arma began with a psychedelic piece, that turned then in a Black Metal fury, with the frontman screaming possessed on the microphone. The ability of Inter Arma was to have created a variegated extreme sound, which based mainly on Sludge Metal and added Black Metal influences together to Psychedelic riffs. The results was an incredible wall of sound, impressive even with the acoustic of White Trash´s basement. Inter Arma confirmed live the heaviness and the original sound showed on album, annihilating the audience with its performance.

Indian (8/10)
Start 21:55 / End 22:50
The American band Indian has released on Relapse Records its new album “From All Purity” just some months ago, and the small and kitsch venue “White Trash Fast Food” had the honor to host the Berlin show. As their label friends Inter Arma, the proposal of Indian could be defined anything, but easy listening. Indian, formed in 2003, has the merit to have fused together Sludge Metal, Doom and Noise, creating a nihilistic and apocalyptic sound. When Indian started to play, few among the attendees could have expected to receive such a powerful and aggressive sound, and everybody couldn´t avoid to start a ferocious handbanging. The two voices of Dylan O’Toole and Will Lindsay, acute and full of hate, could scratch the audience’s ears and penetrate deeply till the bones. The extreme slow riffs increased the sense of desperation, of no way out as a herd of mammoths was chasing you. The bass of Ron Defries and the work on drums of Bill Bumgardner made the rest, resulting in an impressive performance, enhanced by extreme low frequencies, which probably made ask the people eating on the restaurant above, if the hell had opened a portal and was coming out directly from the basement of the building. Don’t miss the occasion to let your head be blown away, if Indian plays near you. You won’t regret it!

Venue: White Trash Fast Food
Price: 15,00€ at Trinity Music

Berlin, 08.04.2014

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